My Personal Statement, Updated 05/10/2016

Until the last few years, I’ve never really felt engaged in education. I was never the best behaved child at school and I fell into the wrong crowd, but I was always got drawn in by performing arts. I knew it was what I always wanted to do and felt I had to make things right in my life to get where I wanted to be. When it came to my drama lessons and acting, it was my favorite subject. I would always push myself to do my best. In my GCSE year I focused as hard as I could to achieve the highest grades possible, I wanted to change teachers prescription of me and prove to myself that I could get good grades. I also wanted to study at Conservatoire East which required good grades.

I have been fortunate to perform in a range of different styles and genres of performance, including site specific/ promenade, musical hall, improvisation, Shakespeare and Musical Theatre shows. However I know that I am not quite where I aspire to be as a performer, In the last year I have gained confidence not only as an actor but also in myself. I love being on stage in front of an audience and the feeling I get when I know I have fully prepared, done the best I can and the audience’s reaction has re-enforced that I have done a good job.

Now that I am in my final year at Conservatoire East, I feel I am ready and have enough experience to audition for Drama school if I am successful. I think I will benefit greatly from further in depth training.



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