Unit 9: Developing Performance and Production Skills, Part1: Research


(1) http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/practitioner


Task 1 – Practitioner Research


What defines a practitioner?

My definition of a practitioner:

A practitioner is someone who specializes in a particular subject. The person will practices new things to come up with new ways of doing something better or different. Practitioners normally specialize in the arts and come up with new theories in order to help their subjects do something differently.

(1) ‘Simple Definition of practitioner

  • : a person who works in a professional medical or legal business

  • : a person who regularly does an activity that requires skill or practice’

I have choose two practitioners who are relevant to my pathway (drama)

I have choose to research Uta Hagen and Jerzy Grotowski. Firstly I wanted to further my knowledge on Hagen as I already know a little about her, her techniques interest me. I also know she has similar theories to Stanislavsky I also wanted to pick him so knowing that they are similar is good. Grotowski was new to me when researching their were lots of practitioners I was not familiar with but I had never read the name Grotowski so I will be researching someone completely new.


These are called “Plastiques” and involve isolations of all parts of the body.


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