‘The Listening Project’ BBC Radio Iplayer

Lesson Log/Research Task

Learning new accents. Lynn set us a task to sign up for BBC Iplayer radio and listen to people with all different accents from the ‘listening project’. The project is people from all over the county with strong accents speaking about their life experiences. Its not what they are talking about we are interested in, but its a good way to listen to the things they say that are different to the way we say it. Its also a great way to help learn how to speak with a different accent.

The link below is the conversation my class and me listened to. Its a conversation between to ladies from Glasgow.


I have signed up for the app and searched for the accents I struggle with and would really like to learn, Scottish accents. But I couldn’t find a conversation in which they spoke with Scottish accent as I would have been listening all day through the 600+ conversations. But I did find an interesting conversation with these two performers Ben and Rufus from Glasgow I picked out some things they said that I noticed were very distinct.


I also listened to these two very Irish ladies.


Lynn said I probably picked on of the hardest of the Listening Projects to listen to. I played the class the recording of the two Irish ladies, it is hard to understand what they are saying.

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