My Chosen Practitioner, Technique Unit 9: Task 1


IImage result for jerzy grotowski enjoyed watching Jerzy Grotowskis odd theories so I have decided to pick one of his techniques. I also think it will be a challenge to teach my class this particular technique I have choose.

The Technique

The technique is acting exercise, Grotowski believed that ‘using his actors physicality to bring out untapped emotions.’ He would make his actors run for hours, sometimes he would get them to run around in a circle or get them to jog through the woods naked. ‘Grotowskis exercises were designed to force the actor to eliminate any: “preconceptions, cliched habits, mimetic reproductions of banal realistic behavior, and all the ‘proper’ techniques of breathing, speaking and moving taught in conventional action schools”.

I think his aim was to make his actors perform and focus more on what they were doing with their bodies and less on the line. Secondly I think Grotowski’s goal in his teachings was to help the actor achieve self control. Grotowski did this lots of odd methods.

He was a believer in using his actors physicality to bring out their emotion. He would make his students run for hours though woods (sometimes naked). Sometimes he would make them run in circles or up and down in a room for long periods. He believed this would eliminate any of the techniques of breathing learnt in drama schools or proper realistic behavior. I have already tested this technique myself, after a long jog I came home and repeated one of my Shakespeare monologues. I filmed it here is the result. I did not film it before so I couldn’t prepare the two so I am not sure if it works for me.



I have decided to do a really quick, short video using Jess to show a simplest version of what I would do if I was to teach this to my class mates.

I forgot to include in this short clip what I would do with a class full of people, I would research more into depth and watch more of Grotowskis videos to see if I could find a video of him teaching his actors this technique. I would take a really emotional piece of script and ask them to perform it without giving them any idea what we would be about to do. I would note what their breathing was like and how they portrayed the realism of the piece. I would then take the last two remaining people from the bleep test as they would be the most exhausted, this would also save time as I wouldn’t have all day to watch each person twice. I would then note what changed within their performance and how the exercises  effected it.


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