The Life of Jerzy Grotowski Unit 9: Task 1 Research

Jerzy Grotowski




I have choose two practitioners who are relevant to my pathway (drama)

I have choose to research Uta Hagen and Jerzy Grotowski. Firstly I wanted to further my knowledge on Hagen as I already know a little about her, her techniques interest me. I also know she has similar theories to Stanislavsky I also wanted to pick him so knowing that they are similar is good. Grotowski was new to me when researching their were lots of practitioners I was not familiar with but I had never read the name Grotowski so I will be researching someone completely new.

I included these points about Hagen in my writing.

  • Historical Content.
  • Social context.
  • How I feel about the way she has influenced Theatre.
  • Some of her famous works.

Image result for photos of jerzy grotoiskiw

(1) “Theatre director and theoretician, educator, creator of acting methods. Born in 1933 in the city of Rzeszów in southeastern Poland and died in 1999 in Pontedera, Italy. He is considered to have been one of the greatest reformers of 20th century theatre.”

Jerzy Grotowski was born in 1933 in Rezezow, Poland. He was known for his strange theatrical techniques and beliefs. I have watched lots of records of Grotowski and his famous work. His exercise techniques and warm ups interest me the most, this is the reason I choose to research Grotowski and find more of his works. He went to study at Lunacharsky Insitute of Theatre Arts in Moscow in 1955, this is where he learnt directing. Grotowski learnt from some of the greatest practitioners names such as Stanislavsky, Tairov and Meyerhold!





Historical Content




Social Content







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