Reflective Journals, Sheakespeare and Others – My Presentation on Aphra Behn, Reflection – 27/09/16

Aphra Behn

Research Task

Aphra Behn – Playwright


Aphra Behn (1640-1689)

(1) ‘Behn was the first professional woman writer in English literature, best known for her plays and novel ‘Oroonko’.

My Presentation on Behn

In terms of presentation skills, I was not as organised as I could have been, I feel I did the minimum amount of research on Behn and only found out the main facts on her life. I could have research more and found out about the story of ‘Oroonko’ I could have then told a summary of the story instead of just telling the class she wrote this play. I also wish I would have made more of an effort to make it more interesting, I felt like the class were not listening at times. I put my notes up on the board I think this helped my presentation easy to follow as the class had to take notes this meant they could copy the correct spelling and notes. I have trouble keeping up when watching other peoples presentations, when Lou was presenting I couldn’t keep up with what she was saying, so I am happy I put things for them to follow up on the board. In terms of the information I feel I gave the class a great deal of facts and the essential bits of information but I could have gone into further detail to make it more interesting.

Always when presentation I like to bring something in to give the audience picture of the person I am talking about, so I printed of a picture of Behn. If I am watching a presentation that I find interesting I will always look at a picture of the person that I have just learnt about so I am glad I printed the picture.

I was able to take some notes on the other topics that were presented.

Ben Johnson – 1572 to 1637, Comedy – Uplifting, Step son to a brick layer. He was a poet and a royal favourite.

Restoration Comedy – Charles II 1660 to 1685, Very first female actresses. Kings company and Dukes Company.

Boy Actors in Shakespeare – I did not take very clear notes on James topic so I will gave to research this myself.



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