Reflective Journal, Children’s Games, Getting in the Mind Set for T.I.E Project, 4/10/16 – 6/10/16.

Our Theatre In Education will be performed to young children, this means that as an actor I will have to take a different approach. It will not be just any audience, when performing to children you cant just focus on writing a good script, you need to think about voice quality’s and the tone and pitch etc.. The aim of these sessions with Erica mean that we can watch the videos back and look at what changes within our personality’s and voice when playing children’s games, its also really fun! It was basically to encourage childish behaviour.

I made a video of the games and edited them so the class can look back and review what changed with their bodies and watch how immature we all looked.

I was able to get into a mind set of a child and forget about the busy life that I have, it was fun to such mess about and be silly. Children don’t have responsibilities so it was nice to be in this mind set. When doing T.I.E we will need to have a similar mind set and be as silly and outrageous as possible, this also means that what ever we are teaching will stay in the children’s memory it will stay in their mind a lot longer then it would learning about the same thing but in a lesson.
An example of me being childish is when I lost musical chairs, actually throughout the whole game I was being childish (showing off). I acted like a spoilt brat when I lost which watching back was hilarious. I am obviously very competitive. I think Erica saying the winner got a chocolate bar made me want to win even more, I don’t even like chocolate……
I did not video me being the wolf in ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ but I put on a creepy voice and called certain names each time they got closer I said things like “I am going to get you Jack Taylor Balls” which is slightly creepy but it was funny and made us act even more silly.


One thought on “Reflective Journal, Children’s Games, Getting in the Mind Set for T.I.E Project, 4/10/16 – 6/10/16.”

  1. Reflective Journals
    I get what you’re doing with your reflective journals but I was a little confused by them at first. They seemed to be a little out of order but the content in them is fine once I established where it was. The thing to get the really high grades with these is to really use that reflective thought that you can do and link the WHOLE thing together. How are you improving week on week, what are you learning? The text work that we do and the Improvisation work and the audition prep may seem like completely different entities but you need to make sure that you can see where there are crossovers… Eg. After doing the scriptwork with me, do you think your cold reading skills are improving… Does that make your audition prep easier, etc. Don’t see each lesson and day as a single entity, see where you can cross reference.


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