Reflective Journal, Magic Book, Ugly Step Sister, T.I.E Prepare. 06/10/16

As we will be devising our own Theatre in Education performance we made this lesson a chance to watch and read the script from last years T.I.E performance of ‘The Magic Book’. It was nice to watch last years students perform this, we will be devising our own piece it will be different as last years students were put into groups and given scripts to use.

The purpose of this session was to watch and then read, rehearse and stage part of ‘The Magic Book’ script. It helps to give us ideas of what we would like to present and about.

The things I like about this story is the Pantomime style and the friendly well known fairy tale, it has made me want to include the pantomime characters into my idea. I didn’t feel there was a great educational purpose. I would like to think watching the piece has inspired me to make my T.I.E idea much more educational. There is a lot you could say about the acting in this production, it inspired me to be much bigger with the ugly step sister when doing it in class. I would have like to of seen the characters played on a larger scale with more confidence. Below is the link to all part recordings of ‘The Magic Book’.

In groups we looked at the section where Cinderella was at the ball and the prince took interest in her and not her ugly step sister who expects all the attention to be on her. I was in a group with Beth and Leah. Leah played the Prince, Beth play Cinderella and I played The Ugly Step Sister. Baring in mind if this was put on stage it would be for a young audience we had to think about this within each scene we blocked. Firstly having clear voices as well as engaging the audience and not being so loud you would scare the young children.  Lynn’s voice lesson help when thinking about the tone of the characters voice.

I did not get a chance to video my groups performance so I cant fully reflect and review our piece but I will say as I am writing this journal a month after I remember feeling very happy with the final performance we did, of course we were on book so there were papers in hand but we took time out at lunch to rehearse so it felt very strong and comical. The only criticism I had and the audience also gave as feedback was that a scene between the prince and Cinderella where they push The Ugly Step Sister to the side, while they are talking I took the attention off them by doing silly things as The Ugly Step Sister to the side of the stage. This meant if we showed this to children they would probably focus on me and miss an important part of the story.

Video reflective journal below:

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