Mock Audition with Josh & Rona, Feedback, 29/09/16


Warm, Friend and very likeable. Showed a really passion for the arts. Don’t act so much. Make it not about you and how you feel but about the person you are speaking to and what you are trying to tell/express/make them feel. Make sure you know exactly who you are speaking to. Use someone in the room. Don’t look at the floor. Be brave. A good piece for you would be Pete from The Kitchen Sink by Tom Wells. He talks to his girlfriend about buying a second hand van and how much he loves being a plumber.

Personally I think the audition went good, I am happy they thought I was warm friendly and likable in the audition. Sometimes I can be really socially awkward especially in situations like that so for them to say that I was alright is a positive. Its not all about how well you do the monologues you also need to be a likeable person, I would never walk into an audition and act shy and quiet you want to show your personality. There was a fluent conversation between us and we laughed I think this helped me make a good impression.

I showed them two of my monologues, Claudio from Measure for Measure, & Tony From Kiss Me Like You Mean It. They both went okay it wasn’t the best I have ever performed the pieces but they said I picked a well with Tony which is true I really suit the casting for Tony. They asked me to aim Claudio at them and not at the wall, don’t imagine the person use the panel. Of course this would make some of the panels feel slightly awkward so I would probably ask when I go into an audition which they would prefer. I also used Rona for Tony which really helped.

They could tell that I have read both of the plays for these monologues as I know a lot about both of the characters and their stories which helps me portray the character.

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