Reflective Journal, Playwright Lesson, Samuel Beckett, 10/11/16

repImage result for samual beckett

In todays lesson we had to

  • Identify plays on a Timeline
  • Discuss Samuel Beckett as a playwright
  • Discuss ‘Waiting for Godot’
  • Perform extracts from ‘Waiting for Godot’
  • Evaluate each others performance

This session we started by identifying plays on a timeline that we have recently learnt about in lesson. This was just to refresh our minds on what we had learnt in the last two months. There were some playwrights on the timeline that we have not discussed but we will be in the future.

Today we discussed playwright Samuel Beckett and his play ‘Waiting For Godot’, it is a tragicomedy. The play evolves round two character who are waiting for Godot….. It involves lots of small talk to fill the time while they wait. It was actually very interesting everyone in class found it was to much, in the sense all the small talk between the two characters got a bit repetitive. I must admit so did I until we started staging it and I read it through with Beth. One of the characters keeps forgetting what he has done, once I had sat down and gave the character a voice it became more exciting then listening to other people read it. It is basically a two act play about nothing which makes it interesting, if that makes sense. I think its because they reflect on life which some people might be able to relate to.

Beth and I partnered up, we staged it by placing two chairs behind us to represent the tree that they talk about in the scene. I felt watching it back it was very slow. There were some passing issues but I feel this most the time when watching a roughly blocked scene with me reading off the paper as I struggle to sight read. I was trying to make it more interesting to watch so I tried read and interact with Beth.

Even though there were some slight issues with reading the script I think I played the part well, I made the character forgetful and naïve. Beth playing her character to seem very fed up and board of my company. The feedback was very true and helpful when writing this reflection.


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