Titus Andronicus, Research Task, 11/11/16

Task Set by Lynn

Research Shakespeare’s play ‘Titus Andronicus’. Lynn set me and Leah this task because the play is a tragedy and in class we have been looking at others tragedy’s such as the one we looked at today ‘The Revengers Tragedy’.

Today I presented and told the class about the Tragic play Titus Andronicus. Its a shame I forgot to ask someone to record the presentation because I think I really engaged everyone and made the presentation very interesting. I printed out pictures off Google images of Lavinia getting her hands cut off so they would understand how grim some of the scenes are. It would be a real challenge to put this on in a theatre without really shocking the audience. So as part of my research and to get a better understanding of the play I watched a production that the Seoul Shakespeare Company this is on YouTube I have posted the link below. I showed the class the part where Lavinia gets her hands cut off and her tongue cut out. It is a production of Titus Andronicus, performed by the Seoul Shakespeare Company in 2015. The part I will show them is at 55:28 in the video, I choose this part because it will show how bloody and tragic the play is.


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