Reflective Journal, Playwright Lesson, Caryl Churchill, 14/11/16

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Today we spoke about Caryl Churchill and read a scene from the play Top Girls. Caryl Churchill is a feminist the script has no male parts so the males read the females parts. The play is about a women called Marlene whose only interest is female success. She hosts a dinner party for a group of famous females from history.

Here is a quote that gives a summary of the play in better detail,

Top Girls Summary

‘In Top Girls, Marlene throws a dinner party to celebrate her promotion. She invites women from antiquity to join her and listens to their stories of becoming courtesans, nuns, wives, and even the Pope. In the end, Marlene hires the daughter she abandoned, but says the girl won’t last long.

  • Marlene has just been promoted at the Top Girls’ Employment Agency. She throws a big dinner party and invites women from history, literature, and art, including Pope Joan, the female Pope.
  • Marlene listens to their stories. One was the daughter of a clergyman, one a courtesan and then a nun. Griselda, a character from The Canterbury Tales, marries up on the condition that she obey her husband’s every word.
  • In flashback, it’s revealed that Marlene abandoned her daughter Angie and left her to live with her aunt, Joyce, Marlene’s older sister. Marlene later hires Angie, but tells one of her coworkers that the girl won’t make it.’

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Enotes (2016) Top Girls Summary. Available at: (Accessed: 21 November 2016)

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