Theatre in Education – Character Work

This page is going to be for me to keep a record of everything the group and I do when building on the ideas for our characters personalities. Now that we have established the characters we can start to write the script and do exercises that will help us get in the mind set of the character. We are already ahead of time which means we can start to do fun activities that will help to get in the mind set of the character and their relationship to the other characters, so we started with a caricature activity drawing pictures and descriptions of an imitation of the characters we are playing.

Daytona – Stupid Sidekick

Beth – Isabel

 Leah – Isabel’s Grandmother 👵

Josh – Shape Collector

Harry – Dog, (No name yet). Dog detective.

All – multi rolling other character from the kingdom

Picture taken 10/11/16

Here are the drawing and a short description of the characters.

101 Dalmatians – Villain and his Sidekick!

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