Reflective Journal, Georgian era – 9/12/16

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In class today we recapped on our timeline lesson, we focused mainly on Georgian times the long 18th centaury and the theatrical difficulty’s that evolved during this time. It was called the long 18th centaury because there where four monarchs all called George hence the period being called the Georgian era. There where theatrical difficulty’s because in the 17th centaury they put a stop to play wrights writing anything that was in your face. They made a law to have plays censored. The plays where just a bit boring without any naughty bits. Today we looked at a play called Lover Vows by Elisabeth Inchbald, the play is set in Germany there is no reason for this it just is; it is about two lovers with the typical melodramatic characters such as an evil Baron who takes role as the bady. The dashing young hero, a lady of the house. But buried in the story children born out of Wedlock and social commentary.

Even though plays where cenc

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