T.I.E, Designing our own programmes 04/01/16.

First day back. Time to get back into rehearsals because we don’t have long left until February considering there is a half term coming up. Beth was at an audition today so we didn’t have the whole group, there was no point in rehearsing without Beth and the finalised script. I had a rehearsal planed yesterday I went to the theatre royal to buy a programme for the pantomime. I then took this into college and showed the group to give us ideas on making our own programmes. This was just for ideas for a layout, I told the group to use this to help them design there own and add as many fun and creative shape ideas as possible. It was a really productive morning one has finished there design but they are in progress, we aim to finish them and pull out the best ideas to make a finalised one that we can give to the children during workshops. If printing became an issue we could just print some copies for the teachers to keep in their classrooms.

The Programme

We may be thinking ahead but on the first day back it was a nice way to get the ball rolling again. We also talked to Erica about the workshops and what we could use to create 3D shapes, she suggested this:

Teaching Shapes on Pinterest:

The workshop we will need to be in character, going over what we just taught the children in the show. We will need a lot of teaching materials.  Some of these worksheets could be very useful.

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