09/01/17 Monologue Progress – Audition Prep

This is an informal summary of the new ideas that I have had about my past auditions and how I am going to change what I have been doing.

I’ve been thinking over Christmas. I have been Going over and over the auditions in my head, I completely understand why I haven’t got any recalls. My chit chat has been great and I think most of them thought I was fun and dedicated. But it all comes down to what you can to with the audition pieces. You need to WOW them.  I just haven’t done it, I knew deep down that I haven’t been fully in character and I never felt it! I’ve done Tony so many times just trying it over and over thinking what I would do if I was at a party in that situation.

I mean he really loves this girl, it isn’t about the comedy of the monologue I shouldn’t play on the lines that I think will be funny. I’m trying to make people laugh way to much. I can’t stress enough what I’ve learnt from the past auditions I think the biggest thing is to just take up to a minute if you need to, just completely erase the panel/audience from your mind forget them, even take a moment to look where your going to place the person your speaking to imagine them before you start.

It seriously is all about creating the 🌎 and god have I been doing the opposite just rushing into it and reading something I’ve learnt. Anyone one auditioning needs to listen to their tutors, I have an amazing director who knows what he is doing giving me the best advice and I ignore it. Maybe nerves get the better of me but until the last couple of days I’ve never really felt the emotion of a character, I’ve never actually been fully in character. It even took me a while to snap out of it the other day when I did it! Hopefully I don’t loose it when it comes to doing it in front of a panel.

So I have tried Tony taking my time to visualise the person. This monologue is about his serious thoughts, he really means what he says to this girl he is just a little awkward at times. The video below is me doing Tony its still not at its best because I felt when watching it back it was a little aggressive. But I felt like each thought was a new thought he hasn’t planned what he is going to say.

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