No Man’s Land, Directed by Sean Mathias 06/01/17

Firstly I have never watched any of Harold Pinter’s plays. Read his work yes but never watched it staged. I have always wanted to watch a play of his bought to life. I was so excited to watch this, not only does it star Ian McKellen but for months I have wanted to watch a Pinter play on stage. I find his work interesting and exciting. As soon as Erica told us we would be watching a screening of ‘No Man’s Land’ at the Picture House I was thrilled. Sir Ian is also one of my favourite actors.

Image result for no man's land ian mckellen

This play did not disappoint me. ‘No Man’s Land’ is not a play you are meant to come out after watching it and have a set idea of what happened. It is meant to make you think and normally I switch off half way through plays like this but due to the acting and directing of this piece I did not loose interest. I absolutely loved it!

This Trailer was played before the show started, but there was an extended version that I cant find. The extended version showed the cast rehearsing. It also showed the amount of detail the technicians put into the set. It was all very interesting.

Watching these two on stage together was brilliant. I just wish I would have booked tickets for this, I didn’t even know about it! Just if I would keep up to date with current shows. Although these two in the picture below (Patrick and Ian) were amazing to watch, Foster played by Damien Molony and Briggs played by Owen Teale were also brilliant. I enjoyed the way the two worked together to create a intimidating and menacing atmosphere in the suffocating and enclosed room. I am sure being in the theatre at the moment when the two use the word ‘Cunt’ and shout at the elderly gentlemen can be very intimidating. The way the two had variety of differing personality’s portraying friendly to aggressive added to the confusion of those watching but I a good way. Like I said this piece makes you think and each character adds to this, I say confusion because I was slightly confused at what I believed this piece was about I had more theories then most.



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