11/01/17 T.I.E Prop List, Lets Start Finding Props and get an Idea on Costumes

This morning we thought the best use of the lesson would be to have a group meeting, we need to start finding props, costume and set. Everything that was bought up in the lesson today I listed on the group Facebook page to remind those in the group who are less organized. Beth also started a timeline of all the lessons we have up to the February half term. This means everything bought up in todays lesson can then be put on the timeline and be given a date it needs to be completed by.

Beth has not uploaded the timeline yet but once it is finished I will upload it here. It will also be uploaded on the Facebook page so no one has an excuse not to stick to it.

Here are the notes I put on the Facebook page:

Today’s notes: 11/01/17
Important things – Choreograph the routine, as I like to call it the shape dance. This is very important!

We have a script but it is going to change as we go. Start to learn your lines, they might change but at least we have a basis to learn.

Josh and Daytona – Work on improvising a situation in response to the children. We also need to work on descriptions of the shapes.

Leah please do your homework.

Props and set:
Most important props and set we need.
Backdrop with windows.
Arm chair and bed.
Dog toys.
Small cut out shapes.
Building shapes.
ESC Sonic Shape Zapper.
Big oversize green sock.

I then set the group a research task, of course none of them completed it. Which is a shame but I understand everyone is busy but it would have only took two minuets. I wanted the group to find costumes online, however expensive. Because then we can start to find things similar. This is what I uploaded.

Over lunch post pictures or ideas you have for your characters costume below, here are some I’ve had but I need to find something similar that is much cheaper.

Image may contain: 1 person, textImage may contain: 1 personImage may contain: 1 person, standing and text

As the costumes I found are very expensive I wont buy them. But I now have a basis for things I need to search for. I hope everyone else will start to find costume ideas.

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