19/01/17 – 20/01/17 / Arts Bournemouth Audition – Applications / Why I didn’t get Offered a Place & What I learnt

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Last week I had my audition at Arts University Bournemouth. I found out the next day after the audition I hadn’t received a place which was a moment of anger and annoyance. This was my 6th rejection and I thought the audition went really well, the head of the course even said there was nothing he would have changed with my pieces and that they were hard to redirect but he had to redirect me to see how well I took direction. I am lead to believe that my audition pieces were fine but the interview after was what let me down. One of the questions asked was “There is a lot wrong with the world at the moment, if you had to change one thing what would you change” I then went on to explain about ongoing problems such as murderers, criminals and people who do sick and twisted things to others. I think this was a very uneducated answer and that they were looking for something specific to show I had a passion for something other then drama. It my be cuts on the Arts council, Trump, Global Warming. But I don’t feel educated enough to talk about things like this, I actually feel stupid talking about politics and the state of the world. When Brexit was happening I shied away from every conversation because I didn’t understand it. I didn’t put in the effort to find out more and I think having very little knowledge of the world I live in really lets me down, especially when asked in interview form.

I am going to learn from this and have already started taking action. A very aggravated Josh got back to Bury from Bournemouth having just found out I didn’t get the place and it was very soon so I didn’t take much thought, I walked into the office at college and talked to Hannah who helped me come up with a plan. I have now downloaded 3 main news apps which give me notifications to keep up to date. I also created a Twitter account and I follow all the main West End and Stage accounts to keep up to date with the world of Theatre the industry I want to go into. I created a news board and took it into the office just to show I am doing my Homework….. It has just made me feel better and more prepared for the future. Helena and Hannah both interviewed me before in preparation for my audition at East15 and I really want this more than anything now. I will not stop working and am learning from my mistakes.


















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