TIE: Rehearsed reading notes.

The feedback we received: After our rehearsed reading, we received some feedback. I will display the feedback for each character below. Leah – Ensure you stick to just 1 accent when you perform as Mrs Dollysmith and decide which one it is. Also make sure at the beginning to improve on your diction as you are delivering the whole plot and if you’re misunderstood then the whole piece will fail to make any sense, however the characterization as the Granny is coming along really well and we are able to see what you are portraying clearly. Josh- The Evil Shape Collector’s character is coming along really nicely, it was nice to see how you had toned down the voice to be less ‘shouty’ and intimidating for the sidekick and the audience. This works really well. The relationship between the ESC and the Sidekick is really beginning to improve and it’s clear to see who has the status at various times and what the goal is that you’re trying to achieve. remember that although your character is evil, you are also only a little more clever than the sidekick and a silly character yourself. Daytona- The character is coming along well, just make things bigger for the audience and be sure to not let the characterization slip or the voice, as long as this is maintained. the character will develop on further. Also the use of costume was a big help to help you come out of your comfort zone and give you the confidence to play such a silly role. Also remember that an audience full of peers will be very different to an audience of children as peers know you and will laugh at different things – especially as they’ve never seen you perform a role such as this before. also project a little more. Harry – The role of the dogtective suits you really well, the character is lovable and the voice is spot on, just try not to make some of the movements too ‘human like’ as you are meant to be a dog (Since then we have decided that dog movements are for when the Granny is around and the human like movements are for when he is playing the detective) Beth – You play the character of Isabella extremely well, the relationship between herself and sherlock bones the dogtective is brilliant and it is clear to see their status and friendship developing throughout the performance. Set – The set looks a little cluttered and messy, however when the actual set is used (not chairs etc..) then this will be improved a lot.

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