28/02/17 UAL Grading Boundary for Level 2

This morning in Erica’s lesson we explored the UAL grading boundary’s for Level 2 students. We got the chance to look at some of the Level 2 students work and grade them on what we thought their work is worthy of from Fail to Pass, Merit and Distinction. This was not an easy task because it put us in the body of the examiner. Although what we thought would not finalise or influence Erica’s choice on grading the students, the main purpose of this lesson was to help us. By looking at the students work and comparing what was needed in their work to get a improved grade.

For example I looked at Henrys work one of the Level 2 students. Along with two other students in my class we all agreed to grade his work at a pass grade. Due to his lack of linking his daily logs to how it would help him in long term commission work. For example this task has helped me because while doing my Theatre in Education evaluation, I now have the understanding that I will need to link my daily logs in my evaluation, how did Lynn’s voice lessons help me come up with the final Evil Shape Collector character. This will help me increase my grade.

It was a useful lesson and even though the grading boundary’s for the Level 2 students are different to the Yr2 Level 3’s it is still great to be able to compare a students work because you start to get an understanding of what ingredients you need to get a distinction grade piece of work. I had a brief understanding of what the UAL assessors were looking for and I am getting to grips with referencing and evaluating my own work and how the work of peers has effected me, I now need to

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