Voice Lesson – 8/03/17

In today’s lesson with Lynn we looked at Projection, Enunciation, Articulation and Clarity. We started the lesson by getting into pairs and working on projecting, one labelled A the other B. Then standing at different ends of the room we said the words of a nursery rhyme in a clearly projected stage voice. There is a difference from shouting and using your stage voice. We had to think back to when we watched ‘She Stoops to Conquer’ with Lynn, all the actors used their stage voices in this production to fill the vast space covered by the audience in such a large theatre. We started with all the people labelled A saying a nursery rhyme or well known song all at the same time so that their peer on the other side would give feedback if they could hear what they said by telling them what nursery rhyme they think they said. It was a difficult activity to distinguish the voice amongst everyone else’s in the class, but me and Jack did manage to find each others voice without shouting.

This was Jacks feedback for me on this certain activity:

“I noticed the slight croak that Josh has in his stage voice as he tries to project certain phrases. Due to where the phrase sits in the shape of his mouth, he sometimes has a slight voice crack”

I would say Jack’s voice was very easy to find amongst everyone else’s. With the character types he has had to play he has definitely had enough practice at projected his voice on stage and also he has a deep, clear and slow voice.

The activity was really helpful to prepare for the FMP and season shows. Its just a good skill to have to know the difference between shouting and using a stage voice. Being able to project clearly! My articulation has always been a problem and it needs work. Taking that into consideration in lessons with Lynn as I can get help.

For the second part of the session, we discussed the hindrances with End on Theatre as this is the style of theatre we are preforming the final piece in. We hope to sell out for the FMP and I believe we will but how will this effect us on stage. Using the first part of the lesson to discuss having a loud stage voice, having 100+ people in the theatre Articulation, Projection and Clarity will be vital. We can’t just practice this standing still, there will be movement in the FMP so we will need to make sure the audience understands us while moving. Lynn told us to set up a small obstacle course with chairs. Then using a monologue that we know well, we had to climb over and crawl under the chairs making sure the other people in the class could still understand the monologue. Video of the task below.



The result of today’s lesson, I still need to work on my articulation when saying certain words. I think this is due to me still overthinking things especially when I say words that start with ‘Th’ ‘Theatre’ instead of ‘Fheatre’ I don’t actually have that habit anymore Lynn has drilled it out of me, but I overthink things and I think this makes me talk quiet when saying certain words, meaning I am not heard.

Credit to ME for videoing.

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