Improvisation – 9/01/17

Today’s lesson we worked on improvisation techniques. I adore lessons with Erica, I don’t mind what we do if its learning about new playwrights or working on monologues, I especially enjoy doing improvisation. I always gain something from these lessons, it might be that I find a new character type I could develop and could use in the future in improv and auditions, or an accent I didn’t know I could do.

We began the lesson by playing a game of “Restaurant spotlight”. in this game, 3 couples are given a situation where they start the conversation and then the spotlight switches to another table where their conversation continues, but the previous table carry on in silence. This is a useful exercise to think on the spot. I had to think on the spot to make the conversation interesting to watch, myself and Hannah’s  character’s were an ex couple I had just got out of prison and this was the first time we had met up in years. We split because I was abusive and I wanted to see her to show her I had changed. Erica said that she felt a tension between us, we used long silences to create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

In the second part of the lesson we had an Improv party. At an Improv party anything can happen we are given characters and we can all interact with each other but in that character. I was a 60 year old female (Gender does not matter at an Improv party) I was a party animal and very loud and bubbly. I was looking for the youngest Toy-boy at the party. Not going to lie I had so much fun, I played the character to have a croaky voice, very loud laugh and I think everyone else was a little scared of me.

The games we played today are not just for fun, but for building and developing character, you need to be able to think on the spot. The contrast from my character and the situation in the first half of the lesson was drastically different to my character in the second half of the lesson. It is also a way of working as a team.

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