Presentation Skills – 15/03/17

In todays lesson Lynn decided in order to prepare for the ‘Saints and Sinners’ presentations tomorrow she would recap on some important presentation skills with us. Before we started a task we discussed  that would put us to the test, Lynn told us about some of the issues that occurred when watching the year 1 students do their presentations yesterday. Some of the things that are crucial when presenting anything that they missed are:

  • presenting information clearly and effectively
  • Looking at the audience instead of looking at the PowerPoint on the board
  • Writing a small amount on the PowerPoint and only use the PowerPoint for pictures and shorts bullet points to reinforce what you are talking about. Never read off the PowerPoint use Cue cards, only if you need to. Try and know what stuff but you can use them in order to not get lost!
  • Presentation skills are required in almost every field so it is an important skill. Make sure to stick to the point and sell it use eye contact with your audience/peers but don’t just stare at (in this case the tutor) or the person who’s giving you money for a project… Use everyone in the room.
  • Make it interesting. Don’t distract yourself or others watching by fidgeting. Make sure you speak clearly and seem interested in your own topic if not who else is going to be interested?

After discussing what we should be thinking about when presenting anything, Lynn set us a task to present ideas for the Heritage Lottery  Funding. We had ten minuets to pick what the project was that we wanted to get money for from the Heritage Lottery Funding and why they should give us £5000 to fund the project.

Here is what we had to answer:

  • Why should they give us money?
  • What will the show be?
  • Who is the should for?
  • Why are we doing it?

Myself, Beth and Harry thought the best local project to put on using the skills we have would be a Promenade performance at Ickworth House. Promenade performance is a ambitious and exciting style of performance where the audience are involved in the action. We are familiar with this format of performance as we put on a Promenade performance last year. The performance will be called ‘Ickworth House – A Day in the Life’. The reason we want to sell the project to the ‘Heritage Lottery Funding’ is because we believe it is important that the people who live locally and others from outside Suffolk, know more about these grand historical buildings and the lives people lived!

Firstly we explained what the project is. A Promenade performance ‘A Day in the Life’ at Ickworth House, we required actors/actresses who would get a fair pay after the performance. We also need to pay the National Trust to allow us to perform there. Other important items we need are period costumes. Money for refreshments after the performance (in the West-Wing café). We decided to inform the panel that we already have a reversal space as someone in the company has a large barn that they will allow us to use for two weeks before the performance.

We decided the best way to present and sell the idea to the class is to split the following bits of information into three parts. It started with Beth explaining what the project is. The I explained why we wanted to put the performance on, I also improvised and added extra information about not just bringing Ickworth house to life but to give young actors experience. Then Harry explained what we needed the money for.

This lesson was structured to help us to prepare for tomorrows presentation. The start of the lesson was designed to help us recap on all the things we should and should NOT do when presenting anything. Then we had to show we could put the teaching of part 1 into the task in a short amount of time. I believe our group achieved this, although we did get a little lost at times about what we wanted to say but this is allowed considering we had ten minuets but tomorrow we really need to sell our ideas so we must remember to include everything learnt in todays lesson!

Video evidence from todays lesson:

Video credit to Lou Rowe


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