UAL Level 3 Grading – 14/03/17

Following on from last weeks lesson when we looked at the Level 2’s work and graded them again the UAL grading boundary’s and said what they would need to improve on if they were to reach a Distinction we then put our own works forward in class, myself, Jack, Harry and Beth all allowed the rest of the class to look at our lesson logs. Everyone in the class got a one of our WordPress accounts allocated to them. Jack, Beth and Leah looked at mine, they had the UAL level three grading boundary’s in front of them in order to work as an assessor and place some of my works into a distinct grade. They then gave me feedback on what I needed to improve on in order to increase my grade. I am aiming for a Distinction grade and I asked them to bear this in mind when placing my work on the UAL board.

I recorded the Feedback so that I could listen to it back:

Jack’s feedback: Everything is there and it is a very strong Merit the evaluation side is there but my consistency needs improving. I need to be consistent within what I am writing. I almost write how I would say it.  I couldn’t agree more with Jack’s point about me writing in a chatty format, its a habit I have and not necessarily a bad habit but I means I tend to go off on a  tangent within my writing. I do evaluate my work but I could do more as with anything I could do more even just being consistent with writing up every lesson instead of just the lessons I feel are most important. This means it is easy to evaluate and link other lessons to a lesson I am writing at the time. It would also mean I could get more practice and increase my overall grade. I don’t need to look at the structure of my work as I am doing the evaluating but I do need to link things and be consistent in my lesson reviews.

Beth’s feedback: I put it at a Merit, you go into a lot of detail about your own performance but also other people in your group/the people you are working with. You pull your work apart and comment on your profession. Beth basically agreed with Jack. She felt there was still a lot I could improve on.

Leah’s Feedback: Merit, Evaluate more. You can do a lesson about children’s games but you need to say why you did that lesson was it just for the fun of playing ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ or to get in the mind-set of a child? In my defence the lesson that Leah reviewed was at the start of the year so I have improved since.

This lesson was helpful to provided understanding of what I still need to do in order to provide for the FMP! All the feedback from today has helped me gain more confidence when writing lesson reviews and evaluating my work. I would also give myself feedback on my spelling and grammar I need to improve on this aspect of my writing. Everyone is capable of achieving a distinction on the Level 3 acting course at ConEAST we just need to put the effort in which I plan too.

Recorded Feedback: Featuring, Erica Dupuy, Jack Taylor-Balls, Leah Smith and Beth Easdown.



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