Unit 12 Extended Project: Links to Task1a: Context, Planning Presentation, IDEA 1 (This is Separate to the Template)


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When growing up there was always a lot of disruption in my family due to the use of drugs. A family member and close family friends have gone down a very bad path due to drug use which has lead them to do unforgivable things or even resulted in death. It has always been something close to my heart and this is why I decided to present my first idea about drug use. It links to the theme ‘Saints and Sinners’ because I have seen people transform from very saintly people into what I would call a sinner. The idea is not that everyone with an addiction is a sinner but if this was to be put on stage it would show how a very small drug addiction can result in a person becoming a criminal/sinner. I have gained inspiration from many different films such as:


This movie shows the transformation of a young American girl who does her studies, works hard, adores her family. Until the day she meets a group of girls who already struggle with addiction and are very troubled individuals. In order to impress the girls she follows the crowd gives into peer pressure and as a result ends up failing school, shoplifts, breaks the law and we see a complete transformation from a saint to a sinner. I have taken inspiration from films with young teens who get addiction so it is easier when thinking of casting.

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The Basketball Diaries:

The Basketball Diaries, staring a young Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favourite films. The film tells the story of a young group of boys growing up in New York city struggling with addiction. DiCaprio’s character who at the start of the film we see doing well in school who loves to write poetry and is an amazingly talented basketball player, follows a path of destruction and upset. Some of the scenes in this film as actually uncomfortable to watch and quite upsetting. You watch the group of boys transform from fun and loveable individuals into boys who rob old ladies on the street to pay for their drug habits.

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If my idea was to get put forward I would like to stage it End-on and use a group of three actors to show the transformation from Saint to Sinner through using drugs. I plan to write the scenes myself and using the skills I have learnt over the past two years to tackle a challenging piece of drama and make it believable in a short amount of time on stage. The scenes would be pop-up scenes and we would keep revisiting the story over the course of the night. I am worried that people would criticize my idea and say that it is too much like a GCSE drama (issues) but I have a reason to be doing a piece like this because I personally have been effected by the effect that drugs has had on people. My answer to this would also be maybe GCSE drama do put on pieces of drama tackling issues because they are at the age where they feel they can talk about problems but we are not GCSE drama and we have had two years training in a professional acting environment. I wanted to find a piece of theatre where the character type would really challenge the actors and present an idea that we would need to do a lot of research for.

I don’t have a storyline for the piece yet or a script but it the idea gets picked I plan to use my peers to help me write the piece. Using the inspired films above I would like to not copy but have a similar storyline that such a saintly person can be truly transformed in a short amount of time. I would like there to be 4 short scenes that all last around 6/7 minuets each. If this is not possible I will shorten the time they last for. I don’t think costume or set would be practically important to think about at this stage, but if the techies need an idea of what role they would play in this I would like them to think of a transition from warm to cold lighting. Also a lighting state that would be happening when the actor on stage is experiencing an effect from the drugs on stage.































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