Task 1a: Planning Presentation, IDEA 3(This is Separate to the Template)

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I was struggling on what I could do for my third idea, I knew I wanted to present something to do with the acting pathway. I went to Erica to help me think of some plays where there are distinctive contrasting good and bad characters, we started by brain storming  ideas on Shakespeare’s plays. I thought I could present an idea about Edmund and Edgar from King Lear but I felt I already know too much about the play and both of the characters and I want this process to be a learning opportunity, I want to study and research as many new plays, books and films as I can. So we then thought of some Modern plays Erica suggested Mark Ravenhill’s ‘Shopping & F***ing’. Once I had explained my first idea to her she thought this would be a good play to link to my first idea. She also said how if people didn’t like my first idea I could take an extract from this play instead because if here is already material about drug abuse out there why would you write your own? But I am fixed on writing my own play! So instead I thought ‘Shopping & F***ing’ would be a good play to take an extract from and show the deadly things people can do when under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Secondly Erica gave me a play called ‘Entertaining Mr. Sloane’ by Joe Orton. This is one of the playwrights previously  studied by year two acting so I already know a little about the playwright and the play. However I would like to learn more and I know I would enjoy to be in an extract from this piece as I enjoyed reading parts of it in class. Orton is not know for writing nice characters and all four of the characters from this play have sinned in one way or another. Both of the plays are Dark Comedy’s

Here is what eNotes review two of the characters as:

‘Mr. Sloane, an attractive, ruthless, and utterly amoral young man, (psychopath)’

‘Ed (Eddie), Kath’s selfish, bullying brother’

Which sums up the theme of sinner rather well and that’s why I picked these two plays to use for my third idea, I haven’t picked what section I want to use yet but once I have read both plays I will post the scenes on the Saints and Sinners Facebook page. In order for the tutors and cast to consider the idea further.


enotes. 2017. Entertaining Mr. Sloane Characters. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.enotes.com/topics/entertaining-mr/characters. [Accessed 15 March 2017


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