‘Saints and Sinners’ Structure of the show ideas in email format for Lynn 22/03/17

Today Lynn asked us to all email our own idea for the structure of the show. Now presentations are over and everyone has had their say on what works and what does not work we can move on and decide how each piece will link and a structure for the show. In an earlier lesson log I commented on how I liked the idea that Scott on having a club called Saints and Sinners and it has been decided that this is what we will be doing. We now need to come up with ideas to what will happen in this club and why.

Myself and a few others had a discussion today on this topic before sending an email with our own personal ideas to Lynn which she has requested. I recorded the discussion just for proof and have uploaded it below but half of the discussion was missed.

What came out of this discussion, as a group we thought that the club needed a theme. We can’t just have just any club as it would not be relevant to have shows. A cabaret club seemed like the best option this way we would be able to have a host (Lou’s idea) and a different shows throughout the night. We would also see the events among the guests unfold throughout the course of the night.

From that discussion we then decided to email Lynn similar ideas as we all thought it was a perfect theme for the club, here is the email I sent to Lynn:

Hi Lynn,

I really like the structure of the show so far. Scott’s idea on having a club called ‘Saints and Sinners’ works really well and I am happy you considered it. My initial thought on the club was that I don’t want it to be just a random club that anyone would go to. I thought that we could make it a themed club such as a Cabaret club, in this cabaret club called ‘Saints and Sinners’ the audience would meet the following characters:

’14 characters are 7 pairs of punters who are Saint/Sinners’

  • 4 staff of the bar for example:
  • Bart-tender
  • Bouncer
  • 2xWaitresses
Harry had an idea based on the old Norse tale ‘Lokesanna’ which involved Loki (the god of mischief) insulting other gods resulting in his brother, Thor (the god of thunder) threatening to take his head off his shoulders with his hammer if he doesn’t stop. Now in a less dramatic and a realistic way we could take these characters and place them into the club. Whoever plays these characters would research and take character traits and turn them into modern day individuals. So instead of a character named Thor it might be Theo who is very similar to Thor.
Taking bits from my own three ideas, my second presentation slide was to do a duo between me and Sian showing the transformation from Saint to Sinner with the use of dance and physical theatre. Now, if we were to set it in a cabaret club the opening number could be this dance or another suggested dance from the presentations and the audience and the cast would be watching from side tables. This would set the club up right from the start so that the audience understands where they are (watching a show at a Cabaret club with the other characters in the show).
Thinking about Lou’s idea on having presenter, there could be a cabaret show presenter who opens the show and cuts scenes to prepare for the next number on stage at the Cabaret club.
So my thoughts would be to stage it over on long night of shows, back stage drama, gossip, fights and big onstage numbers. There would be a preshow and the characters and scenes would be taken from peoples ideas and the names of the characters will be changed to fit the theme and modern day situation.
  Lynn I will upload a video onto my WordPress explaining these ideas further.
Josh Ely

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