‘Saints and Sinners’ Today’s Progression 22/03/17 & Getting Started, Marketing and Poster designs 23/03/17

Lesson one:

Dance studio lesson: Three groups, group 1 behind on their WordPress hence why I was helping Harry. Group 2, Designing a logo. Group three recorded discussion on what type of night club it is.

Today we got split into groups of three depending on what our personal priority is. For example some got the task to focus on marketing the Saints and Sinners show and design logos,  others recorded a discussion on what type of night club its going to be, some were behind on their WordPress (WP) this group went to the library to work on their WordPress. I decided I was up to date on my WP but Harry was not and he felt his WordPress was in a mess so I used this time to help him get organised on his WP. But nothing was missed the people designing the logos posted their ideas and the discussion was recorded so I am able to comment on this.

Firstly I will comment on the people having the discussion the group consisted of Beth, Tom, Vicky, Jess, Sian, Scott and Sophia. I feel it is relevant to give my own input on what the group talked about. They decided the outcome of the discussion was to make it a cabaret club which I am more then happy with as I have said this in my last few acting logs on WP and put this in email format to Lynn. This seems to be the best idea as we are leaving it to Lynn to include the scenes, songs and dances that fit the theme but this now gives her something to work with. We now have decided that not only is it a set in a club called Saints and Sinner but also that the club is Cabaret club where events will unfold throughout the night. If it was to be an ordinary club we wouldn’t have the freedom to put big dance breaks in and make it realistic as this would never happen in an everyday club.

(Below I have uploaded the link to the recording, recorded by Sian).

Secondly, everyone who designed images posted their designs or gave the to Leah Sanders and she designed them electronically on Photoshop (PS). As we have someone who is very skillful when it comes to designing season show posters and using PS we have the freedom to create these posters and logos electronically without taking ages to learn how to do it.

I decided to save time uploading them all I would upload my favorite poster designs and say what I like about them.

This was designed by Emma Croft, she uploaded another picture from the internet of some neon writing and explained how if it was designed it would be colored neon writing. This made me picture a club sign at night.

No automatic alt text available.

Then Leah Sanders designed this. I find it fits the club theme and I can imagine seeing this at night lite up outside a club. Its would be great to market the show as it is very simple meaning people can read it and will recognize it if they see it again. I find the H linking the two words very interesting as it could stand for either Heaven or Hell.

Image may contain: text

Here is another designed by Beth Easedown, she took a more classy approach to the logo. I really like this but I think it would look better on the bar in the club and not a design for the marketing. It looks like something that could go on bottles of wine in the club, especially if its going to be a cabaret club I think it would suit the classy vibes of a cabaret club!

Image may contain: text

Lesson two:

Lynn’s lesson put everyone’s ideas onto sticky notes and arranged them into order what things linked (ideas that are very similar). What ideas really do not work and why? For example Michael Jackson thriller (dance) why would this happen in the middle of a cabaret club? Discussion: Actors have just had a discussion about the structure of the show. Further discussions about what works, what links and what doesn’t fit. We will leave the thoughts up on the board in Eo.44 have a look.

No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor

We started this lesson by putting all the dance ideas in to one pile, all the acting scenes into another pile and all the songs into another a pile. This allowed us to visualize everything and decide what needed to go where. If there was anything that we felt seriously would not go into a cabaret club we scraped it as Lynn would say “killing your darlings”. But we are all mature enough to understand that lots of good ideas would get scraped at some point as not everyone’s ideas fit the theme.

The lesson helped Lynn more then us as it allowed her to minimize the choices so that she could finalize the show write a final structure and write a script. But it did allow us to prepare for what kind of show its going to be. We know that it will definitely be in a cabaret club so this allows tech students to think about set and we can develop marketing ideas.

Update: To help Lynn visualize the post-it notes MT students colour coded them. Into dance, acting, song and big numbers categorize.

No automatic alt text available.


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