Task 2 Research: Cabaret Clubs

We were given the theme of ‘Saints and Sinners’ and from that we could have decided to go a number of different ways. We wanted to show off everyone’s individual talents and skills, we needed something that allowed us to be diverse! After Scott suggested having the setting as a club some of the year group went away to discuss what type of club they wanted it to be. The result of their discussion was that the best themed club would be a Cabaret Club, I will need to now do some research into Cabaret clubs. The style of the club will affect how I play my characters because I will need to decide whether they are acts in the club or customers at the club.

Firstly, here is the discussion, the main points raised from this discussion is that it would give a reason to get people up on the stage singing and dancing. Whereas if it was a night club it would be a little random to include dance breaks and solos. Giving ‘Saints and Sinners’ a setting means we can create more of an atmosphere and be more diverse, whereas if we took the ‘Saints and Sinners’ theme and turned it into a Shakespeare play the dancers wouldn’t have as much of a chance to show off their skills:

Firstly, I wanted to research what the real definition of a Cabaret club is. As I have never been to a Cabaret club I don’t fully understand what one is, I have a brief understanding that its a club that comes with a stage and performances along with what any other club would have, a bar. But I need to find out more, TimeOut London sums up what a Cabaret club is in 10 simple bullet points, its called a beginners guide to Cabaret. Here are some of the points I like and why:

Point number one, Cabaret hates rules, I love the idea that Cabaret hates the rules. I think we could really use this to our advantage when it comes to putting performances on the stage. If we include a number that involves a broad dance number we wont be restricted by the type of club, whereas if we had decided to have the setting in a Jazz club we would be more restricted because that isn’t what the costumers would want. It also makes the Cabaret theme seem exciting and racy!

‘Cabaret hates rules

‘Cabaret’ is an overlapping group of constantly mutating forms of performance that can’t be pinned down. These ‘rules’ are really just observations about the kind of show we at Time Out list under the name.’
Point number 4, Cabaret is not normal. This is a brilliant way to sum up Cabaret and the type of performance we want to put on as a year group. Its not everyday you get the freedom to put a show together, so creative thinking is what we are aiming for. I imagine our Cabaret club with the theme of ‘Saints and Sinners’ to have an abnormal environment, it also says ‘it likes to see you squirm’ I can imagine the content of the show isn’t going to be pleasant all the time.

‘Cabaret is not normal

 That said, a good cabaret show isn’t just titillating – it’s transgressive, upending everyday ideas about art and bodies, politics and sex, provoking as well as pleasing. It loves you but sometimes it likes to see you squirm.’

Point number 7, Cabaret makes eye contact, in the discussion above the group who had the meeting did discuss having tables on the side of the Theatre separate to the main seats. This not only gives us chance to sell more tickets but it also means we can engage with the audience, as they would feel they are part of the club. This was a suggestion originally made by myself and Beth who got inspiration from watching a performance at East15. We also discussed having immersive theatre, as the audience enter the club/theatre some of the characters/customers at the club would walk in alongside them. This point below really sums up what we all seem to want this show to be. I like the idea that what happens in the club on that night stays in the club!

‘Cabaret makes eye contact

There’s no fourth wall here – performers can see and hear you and will let you know it. The word ‘cabaret’ means ‘room’: what happens in a show depends on the dynamic between the performer and the audience in that place on that night. This is not television!’

Now I have researched further and read the whole guide to what Cabaret is on TimeOut, I completely agree with the choice my peers made. I feel this club will be like no other, what happens in the club stays in the club!


Time Out London. 2017. What is cabaret? – A beginner’s guide to cabaret – Time Out London. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.timeout.com/london/cabaret/a-beginners-guide-to-cabaret. [Accessed Mar 30, 2017].




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