Task 2: Structure of the Show and Set

Today we had a full group meeting with all of the pathways; this was to discuss everything to date but mainly any ideas that haven’t yet been put forward. We started by talking about the layout of the set, we talked about the main aspects of the set things we will definitely need in the Cabaret club. Every image before this session that I had researched of different Cabaret club layouts all have the following, a bar, tables and a stage, these are all must haves for the set. We also talked about the immersive theatre aspect, that we had recently discussed. Immersive theatre, where the audience is part of the story, they are part of the audience but the audience in the club. We had recently talked about when the audience entering the theatre having the actors the customers at the club walk in with them (as if they are all in it together, they are all either a saint or a sinner), for example the posh boys would walk from the Bistro to the theatre into the club with the audience in character. There may also be some other characters outside the club waiting to go it. This was the first aspect of immersive theatre we discussed, but we wanted to take it further. Myself and Beth watched a show at East15 where they used immersive theatre in a similar style, by placing a few tables separate to the main seating where some of the audience could seat if they choose to.  By added more seating not only would we be able to sell more tickets but also interact with the audience from different angles of the stage.

We then went on to discuss cocktails, Leah Smith had the idea to create a menu for the front of house staff. In the interval the audience leave the theatre and get the chance to get refreshments. The idea was put forward to make two different recipes for different cocktails, one for the saints and the other for the sinners. I think the idea would add to the immersive theatre aspect of the show. We will need permission from the front of house staff, and get them to agree that it would be something they would be willing to do. Leah has been put in charge of  this.


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