Task 2: Research, Content and Casting final

The final cut has been made, after presenting ideas to Lynn she has pieced together a layout for the show. As I now know what pieces I am cast in I can begin researching my characters. The pictures below show the running order for the show, with names beside the piece of who will be involved:

I have been cast in the following pieces:

  • Patience Hymn – Along with Jack, Tom, Scott.
  • Posh Scene – Along with Harry, Tom, Scott, Josh.
  • Mr Sloane – Speech/Monologue.
  • Man of the Moment – Along with Leah.
  • Finale – I’m a Saint I’m A Sinner (Alyssa Bonagura ‘Rebel’) – All

I have also put myself forward to direct a scene from ‘Shopping and F**king’, I will be directing Sian and Hannah.

Following a group discussion with Lynn about the first layout of the show we discussed the follow:

Firstly, how the original draft has changed and why, Lynn decided that opening with Jimmy’s welcome, followed by his stimulating Saint Jimmy, song needed to be followed by something else that is lifting. Originally it was going to be followed by Vicky’s Swan Ballet dance, which will be a beautiful act later on in the night, but it would be too soft to be introduced straight after Saint Jimmy’s opening. It has been replaced with ‘I want to be Seduced’ which I feel is a much stronger opening to the show.

Act 2 is currently looking as if it will be longer then Act 1, we don’t know this for certain considering none of the pieces have been timed and certain pieces might be cut or reduced. It might be ideal thinking about getting some things from Act 2 and moving them into Act 1, the only problem that would occur is that the pieces link and most of them are there for a reason. It will become more clear once we are more prepared to do a stumble run, maybe in a couple of weeks which I will add to my action plan and discuss on the Facebook page.

What transpired is that it didn’t fit very neatly into pairs of sins and virtues, meaning there are more sinner which we thought would be the case from the presentations. It was difficult to find plays, films and stories with distinctive saints. Lynn explained how she put out a call to her friends on social media asking for some suggestions for saints. One that was suggested and has been adding to the running order is a character from ‘Man of the Moment’ Douglas.  We needed more saints to make a balance in the club,  I am happy that more good characters have been added to create more of a balance even though the overall idea of sins and virtues add up all the time.

Lynn explained how she has also cut the finale ‘Façade’ (Killing your darlings) because there is a lot already in the first draft and it wouldn’t be necessary getting everyone back on stage for another finale. I also think it would be a downer to finish with ‘Façade’ as it’s not a feel good song. Instead we will finish with ‘Rebel’ a song suggested by Jess, it is a beautiful arrangement, and we will also have Paul on hand and can ask him to help make an arrangement different to the original which allows us to split it into different voice parts. It would be a more appropriate finale as the lyrics include ‘I’m a Saint I am a Sinner’.

Overall, I feel the first draft is very strong and if we work as a team to write some link scenes we could make it a very strong show. Obviously if will need lots of rough stumble runs in the early stages of rehearsals in order to fully understand if things link with each other, and if not why and what will we need to change in order to make it work. Lynn said to the year group look and the running order and make sure you have enough to do as we all need roughly the same amount to do. Some people have been cast in pieces where they are able to play to their strengths and other have been set a challenge; I feel Lynn and Helena have been very generous with casting, everyone now has lots to be getting on with.




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