Unit 12 Task 3b: Marketing and Set Meeting

Part of Task 3b was to have a work-in-progress showing, something we didn’t get chance to talk about on the 27th March 2017 was marketing. We thought it was important to talk about marketing as the show is already on sale via the box office at the Theatre Royal but the show needs to sell out to make the amount the college pays to have Conservatoire EAST on the Theatre Royal website worth it, we also feel we need to sell out as its the year two students final show at Conservatoire EAST.

Production Arts (P/A) students arranged this meeting as Leah Sanders a P/A student has been a saint during the past two weeks, she has been working extremely hard to encourage ticket sales. Leah organised this meeting along with the rest of the P/A students so they could discuss set after Leah discussion on the current ticket sales and marketing.


Firstly here is the recorded discussion on marketing. The meeting consists of the following pathways, Acting students, Musical Theatre students, Dance students and Production Arts students.

Before the meeting we met with Lynn to discuss the importance of marketing. The show opens in four weeks and it is very import that we make sure everyone knows about the show to give them time to book tickets and book it off work or find a baby sitter, basically to avoid the normal excuses we normally hear. We want to avoid disappointment and if everyone was to make at least 10 ticket sales the show would almost sell out as its only on two nights (Wed 24th May and Thu 25th May.)

Ticket sales are not very reassuring at this moment in time, this is because we have been focusing more on research and less on marketing. Lynn explained at the start of the commission that marketing is one of the first things we need to think about. Before the discussion this is all that had been done for the show on the Theatre Royal website: (this will also be added to Task4)



Capture 2

From the meeting we decided that we needed more marketing for the show. We need to think outside the box, posters would be ideal for this show as we could put them in places such as the town centre, around college and windows. For example my grandparents live on a very busy road near the Theatre Royal so a perfect place for a Saints and Sinners poster would be my grandparents window facing the flow of people that normally attend the Theatre Royal. Leah and Sian have been appointed to design the poster, once they have finished we can do individual prints and take them to places of work (part time jobs) and the other places mentioned.

Poster ideas discussed:

  • Colourful
  • Bold
  • limited writing

As long as the poster is simple as catches the attention of the public we have more chance of people stopping and taking the time to read it, this also means the less posters we need the less paper we waste. I think it is important not to waste lots of paper printing over complicated posters that will only catch peoples attention once they have seen it ten times in the same area.

Secondly I had the idea of getting everyone to change their cover photos to the Saints and Sinners logo seen on the Theatre Royal website. Facebook profiles have a large section on everyone personal profile where you can insert a large picture meaning when friends, family and depending on your privacy settings, members of the public when they view your profile this picture will be the first thing that catches their attention. You are also able to leave a description of the show and insert the link to book tickets in the bio section. I said everyone should set their cover photos to the picture but then there was a problem, if everyone did it at the same time that would be 23 students profiles all at the same time spamming Facebook and people would most probably get blocked. Sian decided it would be a good idea to create a timetable so that we could space it out over the course of the next four weeks this way there will be a nice flow of Saints and Sinners logos on social media.

Here is the timetable, created by Sian:

Marketing Logo

As well as having the link for tickets we also decided to put the link for the Saints and Sinners public Facebook group page, this enables people to check in on the night and say if they are going to be attending the event. We can also post trailers and pictures from rehearsals. But one big problem occurred we don’t have a group page…… Everyone seemed to think there was a public page already, Lucy Peacefull dedicated some time to creating this page here is the result:

We are now able to keep members of the public up to date with rehearsals and post trailers to get the public excited for the show.

Facebook Event SS


Shortly after the meeting Leah created this short trailer for the show. This is only a taster trailer as she has decided she will be making another trailer showing rehearsal footage, all of this as come out of the group discussion we had. It is all meant to encourage people to book tickets and get the public excited for the show.



The second discussion we had was about the set, all the group currently know about set is from the poster Leah designed, but this is only the first design so far and it is rough. The higher stage will be 5 foot high, and the lower will be 4 foot high.

No automatic alt text available.

The chairs and tables are also going to be smaller, which still need to be sourced. I have uploaded the second discussion below, this was straight after the discussion on marketing:

Firstly, the logo that lights up seen in the trailer above, on the screen at the back of the club. There will be a projection screen that is used for Man of the Moment, this means instead of having a blank screen we could use this and keep a projection of the flashing logo on the screen throughout. I really like this idea as the flashing (GIF) that Leah creating will have been seen by most of the people coming to watch the show so they will recognize it when entering the club.





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