Task 3b: Work In Progress Presentations and Evaluation

On Wednesday 19th April, the year two students and tutors met to discuss the ‘Saints and Sinners’ to date. We needed to discuss the progression of each individual piece to give Lynn and Helena an idea of the current state of each piece. This task was originally due to be on Friday 31st March, however, as the casting was late into the term, the new date allowed us more time to present something.

Below is a playlist which includes everyone’s presentation and progression to date; as I am involved in 5 different pieces I will be evaluating my progression for each individually below.

‘Patience’ hymn: 
I am slightly concerned about the progression of this piece, as before this discussion Tom, Jack, Scott and I were considering changing the hymn to a modernised piece of music but still using the lyrics from patience. We decided to do this because it would then be a song playing at the club in between acts which gives the Posh boys a reason to start singing, meaning we would be linking Posh and the song/hymn. Even though Jack isn’t part of the Posh scene he could still be involved as the Posh boys would get up on stage in a drunken mess and start singing, therefore giving Jack (Saint Jimmy) a reason to be involved because he would be asking us to get off the stage and start singing while doing so.
We would essentially be making it a modern day piece of music and not an old hymn. Scott managed to find the lyrics from the original hymn by Thomas Gibson. The only problem that occurred is that Tom might have trouble arranging this piece as he has already agreed to help several different people with music. This is an area I know little about so I did not put myself forward to arranging the music, although we could ask Paul (the musical director at Conservatoire EAST).
Tom questioned why the hymn had been placed in the script and why three Posh boys would be singing with the owner who they intensely dislike. The idea steamed from the hymn suggestions which Lynn really liked. After presenting our new idea to Lynn she thought it would be a shame to turn the hymn into a modern piece, I personally think it would be more hassle then needed as the Posh boys could be drunkenly singing a hymn that they would learn in school. Its just the question of why would Saint Jimmy join us and this is something we will have to discuss and find an alternative that works.
 ‘Shopping and F**king’
I have taken on the role of director for this piece. At this stage I feel confident that the scene is strong and the girls are working hard to make sure they have the lines learnt in the early stages of rehearsal to allow them to take on the direction I give and be able to play with the scene. The role of director is new to me, however I have approached it by taking everything I have learnt from tutors and auditions panels and applying this to their piece. I know lots about this play and I am trying not to direct it in a way that makes it make scene in the original play as we are just using this scene to create a new scene in the ‘Saints and Sinners’ club, as it doesn’t need to fit the content of the original ‘Shopping and F**king’ play.  Erica has said she would have a look at what we have done with the piece and will help direct if it doesn’t work.
‘Man of the Moment’
Myself and Leah have adapted the original scene provided by Lynn and cut bits that we didn’t need, this allows us to focus more on the important bits of text that will add to the Saints and Sinners theme. It shows how Jill the interviewer is a sinner as all she wants to find out from the people she interviews is the sad and upsetting parts of their life. Whereas Douglas is happily married, he is portrayed as a very kind and happy individual who wouldn’t harm anyone. But while Jill is interviewing him all she wants to find out is if himself and his wife are really happy. She believes the unhappy stories will be more successful in the media. We cut the scene so that this section would be the focus, we didn’t think the other parts provided had any relevance to the scene.
We have talked to a media student who would be happy to film the scene for us we will need to make a schedule for this so that it doesn’t clash with their FMP. Myself and the media student Jade Kent discussed how it would be filmed; as it’s and interview Leah’s character Jill would set the camera up facing at a table where Douglas is already sat. Essentially Jade would be providing the equipment and do any editing we might need but there wouldn’t necessarily be any close up shots as it is an informal interview and the shot wouldn’t need to change. Harry Ladell has also agreed to let us use his garden to film this as he has a large garden with a table and chairs place in the far end of the garden which I find would be much more interesting then filming in a college seating area.
Below is a picture of the tables and chairs we plan to film the scene, the only problem we might have is sun light on the camera and we might need to think of somewhere different. I will discuss this with Jade next time we meet:
During the Easter holidays the boys in the Posh scene had a meeting to read through of the scene, discuss characterisation, we also finalised casting. Tom was originally playing Hugo but as he already has massive line learning responsibility, he suggested swapping characters with me to allow him to have more of a balance when learning lines. While discussing characterisation we thought about what each of the boys does at Uni, including what subject they study. We also thought about who is the leader of the club, and we decided that Harry’s character is the leader of the club but that my character is trying to become the leader.
‘Entertaining Mr Sloane’ Monologue
‘Entertaining Mr Sloane’ is the piece that I have done the least work on; this is due to me putting all my focus into the other four scenes I am either helping direct or am part of.
I have little to write about my progression on this piece at this stage and will be updating my action plan to show I haven’t done as much work as I first thought. I have started to read the play and I plan to make a start of the monologue week commencing 1st May.

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