Task 3c: Practical Skills and Problem Solving: Man of the Moment Progression

Man of the Moment progress, Everything up to Date:

Firstly, before the Easter holidays myself and Leah Smith were assigned to do a scene from Man of the Moment. Man of the Moment is a play by Alan Ayckbourn, as I am yet to read the play I have found a short summary of the play on the website Alan Ayckbourn’s official it says ‘A satirical attack on the media obsession with celebrity centring on the reunion of a have-a-go hero and the bank robber – now a media celebrity – he tackled during a heist.’

I had planned to upload some rehearsal footage and simple blocking into Task 3a but unfortunately due to Leah being sick in the Easter we didn’t get chance to meet. This put us slightly behind schedule so the last couple of weeks we have been working very hard to ensure the scene from Man of the Moment is filmed and uploaded to YouTube before the 3rd May. This gives the Production Arts students chance to play with the projection of the scene on the screen at the back of the club, it also means myself and Leah can focus our attention on the others pieces we are involved with.

Lynn assigned the piece to us and said we could do with it as we wish, but her initial idea was to use the scene where Douglas (The Saint and The Man of the Moment), is being interviewed by Jill a reporter/presenter. Lynn wants us to film the piece and have it projected onto a screen at the back of the club. The illusion will be that Jill has the footage from the interview on her mobile phone and she is showing Jack (Saint Jimmy) and the waitresses to prove she knows someone who is truly virtuous, but very boring.

As we didn’t need the whole scene and only the part where Douglas is explaining his wife and he don’t sleep together, we decided to cut part of the scene. Here is a link to the adapted version:


We decided the best way to keep each other up to date with any progression to create a Facebook group chat, the chat consists of myself, Leah and Lucy the production arts student who as been assigned to our group to help source costume and props. The chat allows us to communicate and post new ideas, we recently had a discussion about costume to give Lucy plenty of time to source them before we film on the 3rd May. Discussion took place on the 21st April:


‘Maybe a jumper like that but with ugly patterns. Charity shops would be great, if I find anything I’ll let you know. Well check with you before I get it. Anything ugly I just imagine him as a really old boring man who wears ugly clothes and isn’t very fashionable! Also if you could find a wig. I want to put grease in it and give myself curtains it will also make me look older! Also I don’t have much hair so it would be a start.’


I’ve just looked at some female presenters and it’s seems the vast majority wear dresses and/or blazers with comfortable heels
Leah then explained that she would be able to find most of the costume in Tweed House the costume department at the college. These are rough ideas that didn’t take much thought but they have given Lucy an idea of where to start.
Secondly, there was a UAL conference at ConEAST on the 21 April, so we decided the best was to spend our time would be to book a rehearsal space and discuss filming and block what we had originally planned to block in the Easter holidays. I booked e044 from 12.45 to 1.15. This meant we had plenty of time to discuss Man of the Moment without being disturbed by other college students. The discussion:
Myself and Leah read through the scene twice at the start of this session, in order to familiarise ourselves with it so that we could sight-read while blocking the scene, but both of us got roughly off the book during the Easter holidays so this gave us the freedom to be comfortable with the dialogue while blocking. As I have already taken on the role of directing Sian and Hannah’s piece from Shopping and F**king I have little but some experience when it comes to directing. I decided I would direct the piece but take on any ideas or comments Leah had, unfortunately we didn’t film it due to lack of memory space on my phone and little time with the rehearsal space.
At the end of this session we had blocked the piece, we also discussed filming ideas.
Filming ideas:
We have decided that a media student will be helping us film the piece, her name is Jade Kent and is on the media pathway at Conservatoire EAST. We are yet to schedule the date when she is going to film the scene as she is also in the middle of her FMP project. We also have a place to film the scene as Harry has confirmed that we can use his large garden where he has a nice seating area, I felt this would make the scene much more interesting then filming it in a seating area at college.
Below is the space that we plan to film:
The only problem we face with filming outside is that the reflection from sunlight might effect the shot and this is an issue that I will need to talk to Jade about next time we meet. Although these are ideas that haven’t been discussed with a tutor yet and they aren’t set in stone.

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