Task 3c: Man of the Moment, Filming and Blocking Update

Originally, Myself and Leah had planned to film the full ‘Man of the Moment’ scene outside in Harry’s back garden. We wanted somewhere with a big open outdoor space, a private open field. This was our first initial idea, we had also planned to ask a media student to film the scene to give us chance to get some creative close up shots and do some film acting. We then felt that this wasn’t necessary and lots of problems could occur. Harry lives outside of Bury so getting the equipment there would have been an issue. We then had the problem that might occur with lighting, each shot/close up, would only be taken once the light is right. This could result in a very long day and media students also have their FMP so it wouldn’t be fair.

After discussing the issues that came with a full set up outside we needed to think of another way of filming the interview. After explaining to Erica how the piece will be seen by the audience, (Jill will interrupt a conversation between the wateriness explaining she has met a man who is virtuous and the only way to prove it is true is to show a interview with the man in question, the waitresses look at the interview on Jill’s phone, and the illusion will be that its projected at the back of the theatre so that the audience can also watch).  We then went on to ask if she could help us think of a way to film the interview and a reason for it.

Erica went on to explain how if you are interviewing someone you might have close up shots depending on what type of interview it is, but you would definitely a long shot, which is another term for a full shot capturing the whole person/persons being interviewed. As parts of my research I watched Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, just to recap on the types of shots a full studio set up would have. It appears that they do a lot of close up shots and this is something we first originally wanted but it would be unlikely to see this type of set up within any informal interview. Once I had watched part of Piers interviewing June Brown in a full studio setup, I noticed there are a different range on shots both close ups and long shots. As a result of this it convinced me not to do any close up shots as it may seem unrealistic to the viewers, we do not have the budget for a full studio television set up.

Erica then went on to say, the reason why you are filming will dictate what type of interview it is. We know that Jill interrupts a conversation between the waitress and explains she has met someone who doesn’t sleep around. But why does she have this interview? Myself and Leah decided that the reason for this is that Jill wants to collect research for personal use, to write it up when she gets home, so as a result she collects research on people relationships and uses the information collected in the day. If the recorded interview is on her phone it is not likely to be a professional set up. We then thought about the style of interview which doesn’t require a professional set up, we decided a VoxPop would be the best style of interview to use in this situation, in the opinion of BBC Academy, ‘Vox pops are short informal interview segments filmed with members of the public. They are a great way to add new perspectives and different viewpoints into your programme’ this is why the style of interview works, it uses short segments, we don’t need to film much to get the part of the scene we need, it is informal and Jill can collect the footage for her programme/research.

After the meeting with Erica, myself and Leah had a discussion about the issues that occurred and how we resolved them.



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