Task 3c: Saints & Sinners Rough Outline (First Read Through) 02/05/17

Over the past few weeks the Yr 2’s have been working on a script providing a structure for the ‘Saints and Sinners’ show. During the early stages of production we had provided Lynn with our presentation ideas and she cast pieces, after this we decided we needed a structure for the show. Scott provided the idea of having a ‘Saints and Sinners’ night club for the theme and setting for the show but we didn’t want the show to have no structure, and thought all of the contrasting pieces needed to link in some way. So, as a result Emma, Beth, Sian, Sophia and Jack have been working on writing a script. Beth posted a full version of the script yesterday and in today’s session me met as a year group and read though the rough first draft.

Here is a link to the first rough draft of the script, as this meeting gave us chance to receive feedback from Lynn and give feedback to the script writers it will be updated.


We first meet the Waitresses who give safety announcements to the audience and give an explanation about the acts that they will have the joy of watching throughout the show. This was first suggested by Lucy in a meeting last Thursday, she decided that as part of the Immersive Theatre theme where actors mixing with the audience before the show starts by walking in to the club with them. It would be a spoiler if a tutor was to give the normal safety announcements so as a result she suggested that the waitresses should do it. The rough script has some comedy which will give a lift to the audience after moments of intense dialogue for example in one of my scenes as Mr Sloane I play a comedian who is actually a psycho and has nothing funny to say apart from make the audience potentially feel very uncomfortable! Moments of humours content during some of the dialogue between the waitresses will give the audience a moment of relief. During Bent, a very intense play Conservatoire EAST put on this year, as a company we learnt that long sections of intense atmosphere that are lead by a humours line from one of the characters can bring a sense of relief to the audience. Although I don’t think the ‘Saints and Sinners’ club will be quite as intense as that production.

I felt like even at this early stage (with three weeks left until production week) I am already seeing characters developing. Not only in my own performance but also nearly everyone who got up and shared something today. I felt a real connection between Hannah and Sian’s characters Lulu and Ruby, I have been helping direct this scene. The scene is from Shopping and F**King and Ruby, Hannah’s character as just entered the club to tell Lulu about giving all the Ecstasy that she was meant to be selling away to strangers at a different club. I felt that a connection developing between the two as a result of how much they have rehearsed the scene! I got the feeling that Lulu was very embarrassed to have Ruby as a friend at this point, but once Ruby explained she had been beaten up Lulu displayed kindness and concern for her friend.

It was clear that not everyone had worked on certain pieces and had just got up and gave it a go, including myself. But the tutors did not expect anything more considering it is still early in the rehearsal schedule, although Lynn did make it clear that the production week will creep round very fast. I feel the work I did today that was most successful was my monologue from Entertaining Mr Sloane. After working on this monologue with Erica I felt more of an understanding for the character then I did to any of my other characters. As all of my characters are very contrasting I will need to work on each of them individually to develop a polished and distinctive character for each of them. Lynn’s feedback for my character from Posh, Hugo, was my watch the accent. I have decided once I have learnt the piece I will meet with Lynn and develop and RP posh boy accent. Myself and Leah also need to work on the Douglas and Jill scene, but as we are filming this piece it might be ideal to work of the scene outside where we are filming it. My strongest character today was defiantly Mr Sloane.

Despite this being our first time reading the script I think it flowed well. I had an idea of what the show was going to be like but having the running order on a piece of paper and no dialogue to read made it hard to imagine the pieces linking. This gave me chance to finally visualise the full show and we can now build on the rough script and make the scenes even more interesting, we can build on the characters back stories, for example my character Mr Sloane, appears on stage as the clubs comedian. But as Sloane is a psycho his idea of comedian is a lot less appealing to the audience. During this read through it appeared to me that Saint Jimmy would not keep this psycho employed at his club, unless Sloane had a hold over Jimmy. Its the small back stories, that after reading the rough script, it appeared we needed to add and or build. I feel in production week it will become even more apparent how the pieces link and how the scenes are visualised by the audience, we have been provided with a set diagram but again it is hard to picture something until you are in the space.

Below I have posted the links to today’s videos:


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