Task 1b Planning: Updated Timetable for Weeks 8/05/17 15/05/17 and 22/05/17, Planning Ahead

Todays lesson was a full group meeting with Lynn, everyone involved in Saints and Sinners including Production Arts students. Lynn decided that in order to be organised, we needed to unite about action plans it is important to know when people aren’t free and we needed to get some vital dates down so that everyone could update their own timetable for the next three weeks. Dates that are important this week are 8th (today) as Melodrama are rehearsing this effects me as the rehearsal process for ‘Man of the Moment’ wont be able to take place this afternoon. My updated Action Plan for this week that I did last week I included a rehearsal for this afternoon as we plan to film the piece tomorrow. Leah forgot that she was rehearsing Melodrama so we have decided we will film later tomorrow in order for us to run and clean the piece.

As I stated above we are filming ‘Man of the Moment’  tomorrow, this is another important date as Leah and I will be out of college along with some year one students so it was important we told the group about this in case anyone wanted to rehearse with us. Also Harry will be filming the piece so he will be unavailable for any rehearsals until lunch.

Last week we rehearsed the group number ‘Rebel’ but Lou was absent. She has asked if we could do another group rehearsal which will be good for the rest of the year group as we haven’t cleaned the piece with backing track/instruments, yet. We have decided that May 10th at 11:30 when we have a commission lesson will be the ideal time to rehearse this piece. This rehearsal will be followed by a rehearsal for ‘Bring On The Men’, which I am not involved so this might effect me considering lots of people am involved with in different wont be around at this time 13:00pm to 14:00pm.

We discussed when would be best for the first stumble through of the whole show as we need a running time from start to finish and the only way we can calculate this is with a full company run. Even if certain pieces aren’t finished we should still be able to run them with scripts in hand or for the dancers then track running time, so it is possible and everyone needs to be involved. We decided the best day is Friday 12th May as this is a time when everyone should be in college and most year twos have no lessons, apart from audition prep which we can ask to be excused from.

15th, 16th and 17th May, the ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ (B&C) cast will not be available as its show week. But everyone not involved can carry on with marketing the show and script work. Basically anything that needs to be done to prepare for show week. It might be that they help find the final bits of costume for themselves and people in the cast of B&C as the Production Arts students will also be unavailable.

Friday 19th May we have decided there will be a full dress run and everyone needs to get all the music to Jordan in MP3 so that he is able to play the tracks at the appropriate time during the run. I plan to be off book on the link scenes by this run as the next week is show week.

Show week:

Mon – Monday is for the Production Arts students to get B&C set out of the Theatre and ‘Saints and Sinners’ in. We will also be able to provide help if its needed but the priority for us will be getting everything clean and blocked so that the Tech run the following days runs smooth.

Tue – Tech, this will also be a day for Production Arts to get their show planned. We also discussed how it might be appropriate to take pictures of the show on this day. Jack has said he might know someone who is able to take the photos with no charge but if this doesn’t got ahead I will need to update my Action Plan.

Wed – This day will be dedicated to Finnish Tech and the first proper dress run with lights music and anything else included in the show. The following day will be the opening of the show!

I have updated my action plan with the original and my plan now for the next three weeks. If anything changes I will update again on a different document, the link is below for my original plan and the start and my update from today, I have also attached a picture from todays group discussion:



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