Task 3c: Man of the Moment, (Day of Filming and the Result) 9/05/17

Tuesday, 9th May 2017, filmed Man of the Moment:

After 3 weeks of talking about filming ‘Man of the Moment’ and rehearsing the piece we have finally filmed it. Tuesday, 9th May, myself (Douglas), Leah (Jill), Harry (filming), Ryan Smith Yr 1 (Extra) and Will Rice Yr 1 (Extra) spent the morning in the Abbey Gardens filming the piece. Harry who is also in ‘Saints and Sinners’ offered to film the piece for us whereas we had to seek some people who were not in the club to be passers by for Jill to interview, hence why Will and Ryan helped.

We hit a few problems throughout the morning, we had planned to film on a camera, the footage after the first practice showed that it was slightly blue, I liked this as I thought it mad it look quite artsy, I didn’t think it was a major problem. But the battery kept going flat as Harry had forgot to charge it the night before. He was able to charge it on his Laptop but then that also died so as a result we went to get a coffee to charge to camera. But it was taking ages to charge so instead we came up with another plan, we used Harry’s Iphone to record. Although I didn’t agree with this to begin with because I didn’t think it would pick up the audio very well, after I had watched the final piece I was more than impressed, not only did we solve the problem but the solution was better than the original!

There was a lot of background noise which at the time I thought might be an issue but it appeared that the results were good it was very clear and picked up audio well, there was still some noise coming from the gardeners but that was something we couldn’t solve but the noise made it more informal, more like a VoxPop; an unlucky thing turned to a lucky.  Myself and Leah both forgot lines on occasion and we wanted to make it perfect but we could re-shoot no problem.

I took on the role of director, after picking the area we wanted to shoot it in I asked the others in the shot to stand where I thought appropriate and checked it with Harry. After the issue with the camera was resolved we had several practice runs and watched it back, if I didn’t feel it had worked I would rework the position people stood in. We wanted to show the ‘Saints and Sinners’ marketing posters in the back of the shots so that it was apparent that this scene was in the same surreal world that the audience will been entering on the 24th and 25th May.

I recorded a behind the scenes piece on the day before the first practice run:

Here is the final ‘Man of the Moment’ video, this will be played both nights when Jill tells the waitresses about her encounter with a dull but truly virtuous man, all editing and filming credit goes to Harry Ladell Yr 2 actor. I think he managed to capture the parts where there is tension between Douglas and Jill, I think the audience will find the piece very funny.


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