Task 3c: Reflective Journal May 10th (Working Collaboratively)

I am finding working in a large group on one project can be the biggest challenge. I find the process of working together to achieve something successful is a big challenge, because not everyone is going to be in unison, asset with one another. For example yesterday, myself, Leah, Harry and some year one students filmed ‘Man of the Moment’ I suggested the day before that we should have a rehearsal and discuss everything for the next day. Sometimes the meaning over social media messenger can be received completely the wrong way, if one person is reading from a cold screen, they don’t get the true meaning of the message. I felt myself and Leah found it hard to see eye to eye after a message was miss interpenetrated. I felt the best thing to do in this situation after the dispute was to forget about it.

Yesterday an hour before we were set to be filming there was still an uncomfortable atmosphere between myself and Leah, I decided the best thing to do was to talk like we would any other day and act as if it had never happened. In a situation like this the worst thing to do would be carry on the argument however much you would like to settle the argument it never will be settled as there are two people who think they are both in the right.

I also find that when you are in two or more pieces you need to prioritize, if someone needs you for a piece and you are already in a different rehearsal, the best thing to do is explain why you can’t attend. Make sure you always tell everyone you need to why you might not be there for that rehearsal, this is why we have created a Facebook page in order for everyone to keep informed that way there can be no excuses for missing a rehearsal in college time.

Most of the issues I have faced so far have been easily resolved, I think the biggest challenge for me was allowing myself to withdraw my ideas because I was out numbered. I have learnt in my two years at Conservatoire EAST that thinking your always right or that your idea is the best is not the way to go about things. Its called “killing your darlings” allowing your ideas that you may think are the best, to be put to one side because they simply don’t fit.

I am still learning though not only how to work in a group on such a challenging project but also to think of others peoples feelings. Allowing those who may not be as confident to have their time to be heard, not always trying to be the person with the biggest voice in a situation like this. This process is also helping me with time management and keeping other people informed.


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