Task 3c: Posh Rehearsal, Thursday, 11th May 2017

Posh boy’s rehearsal with Erica, Thursday, 11th May 2017

On Thursday, 11th May we had a ‘Posh’ rehearsal, which was not in my original action plan but Erica asked if we wanted one, because it became apparent in the work in progress that none of us had done much character research on this particular piece. We started off by discussing what type of boys they are, how they would sit and how they would behave in a space like the ‘Saints and Sinners’ club. We started off by running the scene with what we already have and then worked it taking into account that these boys take up a lot of space, both in their personality but also physicality, this is because they are privileged young boys who have never been said no to. They can have anything in the room or anyone, they can buy anything.

I don’t just have these opinions on the posh boys from today’s discussion with the other boys playing ‘Posh’ who have finished reading the play so have a better perception of the characters, but from my research recently with Lynn. Lynn, Harry and I watched some boys from Eton, a school for rich boys. We predominantly did this because we were finding words they said that sounded different to how we would say it, I realised when watching the boys from Eton they would laze around. It was like they deserved to be there and the man interviewing should feel privileged to have their time.

Once we run the scene again and applied the lazy attitude to the characters physicality and thought more about how the boys would own their space it had a lot more meaning, Erica said she believed that we were rich boys. The only issue that is still occurring even after having a session with Lynn on accent is accent, we all still need to word on the posh accent and listen to more boys from Eton and other Public schools in the UK. I still have trouble with certain words, for example say “Geet” instead of “Git”,  and “Gurl” instead of “Gill”. Something I have learnt from the last rehearsal with Lynn on voice would be to do the above, write out the word how you would say it as a posh boy from Eton.

I also had trouble when it came to the physicality of the character. Erica’s advice from today was to make sure I keep everything open, so I shouldn’t be sitting with my arms crossed at any point because these boys would make sure they own their space. I wanted to find a clip with boys of similar wealth, demonstration of this. Lynn did show us some very useful clips of posh Public school boys talking in the last rehearsal, however I couldn’t find any demonstrating the right type of physicality and most of the documentaries were of boys at a very young age at Public school.

Bearing in mind I am not suggesting all boys that go to the best schools are awful people but researching boys at Public school is to demonstrate the accent and physicality which would be similar to the characters we are playing and help me develop my character.


Link to my previous Posh Rehearsal:



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