Task 3c: First Full Run 19/05/17

Today we had the first full run of the show. We essentially decided today was the right day to have a full run as it is the week before we open, we felt there needed to be a full run to give us the weekend to resolve anything that didn’t go according to plan. It was decided last week in a full year group meeting planning the next two weeks as people would be missing for Bonnie and Clyde myself included. We all came up with a schedule  and updated our action plan.

As today’s rehearsal went ahead as planned I have updated my action plan and marked it as green, below is the link the to meeting we had last week.


I managed to have everything off the book and run my show taking notes as we went along. I was writing notes so that I could write them up into a crib sheet to revise over the weekend. I thought it would be best to do this as its the first time we have ever run the full show. I needed to take notes to remember blocking. I think today went according to plan because we achieved what we wanted to a full run of the show, off book. I got what I needed to out of today and I was able to finally stage it mentally and fully block my show. This is something I haven’t been able to do, not having everyone in place or having any props/set in place. All the issues occurred in order for us to work over the weekend or in the tech run next week.

I think the biggest issue from today’s rehearsal was realising something’s had been staged badly prior to this run and they needed to be changed. This was only a minor problem that was easily resolved. However a problem that occurred and has effected me is that Tom, Scott and I, still haven’t put together an appropriate hymn. We have already been provided with the lyrics for the Patience hymn and today we sung it as if we were being drunken idiots, fooling around on stage. Lynn never suggested this and she wanted it to be sung nicely, as if it was a moment where these three nasty boys actually take pride in there school hymn and sing it beautifully. I think reasoning behind us doing it in this style is laziness. I also think I have left it to others because I am the least musically talented out of the three of us, however I could have found help. As a result of it not sounding very nice, Birgitta Kenyon, a musical director at the college has offered to put together an Capella arrangement for us. A good thing came out of a bad thing, but I have learnt not to leave it to other people who might be just as busy and seek help myself.

Furthermore, other issues raised today were mainly about entrances and exits, we have now said people who exist out of the back stage door will be going to the toilet and acts can enter from the main door. It was the only option to have these as the two exits where people could leave and do a quick change. Another change made today was there were some pieces that are isolated so its just the characters involved. For example, I did not focus on the ex-confrontation dance as the dance was not actually happening in the club, just between Zoe and Faye. Its like an illusion its only happening for the real audience. After realising that some of the acts are not actually happening, I stopped focusing on them. Scott’s ‘HellFire’ number is also not happening and its just the thoughts of his character so instead of watching him I watched Jess who is dancing in character. 

Today was the first time I realised that the ex-confrontation dance between Zoe and Faye, was actually my suggestion right at the start of the process. I hadn’t realised until today that an idea I had gave was in the show. This is because they turned it into a completely different style of dance but the initial idea to base it around domestic abuse was still included. 

After the run today I have realised I still need to work on accent for Hugo as in Lynn’s feedback she did post saying the following, ‘Josh: Remember ‘get’ not ‘git’.’ I will resolve this by revisiting the research I did into boys at State schools. Lynn also posted this, ‘POSH boys look at those lines that end with a ‘…’ and don’t assume it means the next line interrupts it.’ Which is also down to accent and being more confident when playing a character with an accent. I will need to use Erica’s Mic as a prop I think it will make me feel more like a Stand-Up, this is also something Erica and I have discussed when merging the two ideas together, Mr. Sloane as a Stand-up comedian. 

Overall, I felt today’s rehearsal was successful but we all need to go away and make sure we are confidently off book, playing characters with full conviction, believing in the new script and the link scenes. There weren’t too many problems that occurred for me today and I know what I need to do to help make my performance more believable.


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