Task 4: Practical Skills & Presentation /Performance

‘Saints and Sinners’ performance 24th May 2017

This is the link to the filming Helena did of the performance 24th May, the camera setting was too high so it was eating memory on the SD card and so she didn’t managed to record everything, however, Han has also recorded it on her iPad so there will be a distant continuous shot that you can also reference. That is being uploaded.

Missing footage from night 1: Mr Sloane’s monologue.

Below is a screen shot of the ticket sales as of the 14th of May, we managed to sell at least 10 more not including people who paid at the door.


‘Saints and Sinners’ performance 25th May 2017

Erica managed to film Mr Sloane’s monologue on this playlist.

Below is a screen shot of ticket sales as of the 14th May, we managed to sell most of the tickets for this night as when I look at the ticket sales around 6:30pm on the 25th it was on limited, this is not including sales on the door.


Myself and my year group have presented our performance project ‘Saints and Sinners’ to the paying public as part of the Conservatoire EAST summer season on 23th and 25th May 2017.

I had considered suggesting we hold a Q&A session after each performance as a way to get audience feedback for evaluation purposes. But due to the overpowering heat in the Theatre after and during a performance it would be unrealistic. I decided to collect audience feedback by asking friends and family the following questions about my performance:

  • Was the characterisation between my three different characters sufficient enough to distinguish between the three of them?
  • What did I bring to the performance that made you believe my characters?
  • Did I interact with you before the show, were you engaged with my performance did you believe me and was my character sustained?
  • Was my overall volume and clarity clear enough?
  • Were the different accents I developed for each of the characters appropriate and consistent?
  • Was the pace of the show enough to keep you engaged?

Attached to Task 4, I have uploaded each recorded interview separately and comment on it I have then linked things each of them said that are similar. Please find these interviews as separate links on Task 4.

Lynn’s notes from first performance.

Specific notes and mostly about things that went wrong – where I was engaged and enjoying myself I didn’t write anything, so take that as a positive!

Chloe’s song – can she stand up before the lights hit her?

Harry – remember the line change that was discussed in the notes after the dress ‘It DOESN’T mean…she DOESN’T mean… ‘ rather than ‘Didn’t’.

Charlie’s Angels – I thought this was fab!

Welcome to Hell – went really well and there was NO way to think it was a late submission. Well done both of you but…Lou – please don’t get Beelzebub’s name wrong again. He’ll be after you…

Lou: The act 2 scene in the bar with Emma, you must remember that is the same Jane that does that calm, strong speech to Ed at the end. Make sure you always keep the same characterisation. She was very grabby and casual with Maddie. Not very Jane at all. It was the same with the reaction to the ‘munchkin’ discussion. I suspect a self-controlled strong woman might deal with that by showing nothing but quiet contempt.

James – I loved the little ‘the light’s on’ ad lib! Keep it in but don’t let it get any bigger than last night.

What was the hiatus? Can’t remember where exactly but after the Swan dance.

Sophia & Faye- don’t listen to Ruby and Lulu until the loudness attracts your attention.

Sian, can you come round the DSR side of Leah when she’s talking about Douglas. We left Leah in the chair so she wouldn’t get crowded at the bar and then you upstaged her & she delivered the whole thing backwards!

Jack – the silent presentation of Jess was good.

Sian – don’t do the casual crossing of the stage during Jess’s first dance on Hellfire. It’s during Scott’s bit that the movement needs to happen.

All – well done on the stillness during Jess’s second dance.

Hannah – you had the can but then ask for a drink. Can the can clearly be empty? Would that help?

Sound on final song was a bit too amplified for the small space  – both mic’d voices and instruments. It drowned out the non mic’d voices completely.

Gary’s feedback comments copied from the main group.
“Saints and Sinners”. Well done for a very enjoyable evening. You have a really interesting and clever piece. there are some very good performances and strong selections
Here are a few of my general thoughts which I hope are helpful.
It is your production not mine so these are my personal thoughts as an audience member:
– You all need to believe it is a good piece because it is and commit 100% to it. Not all of you did. I think some of you threw moments away.
– You need to maintain the club atmosphere at all times and not let it flag and look like you have joined the audience
– Jack break the 4th wall and really connect to the audience and take them on the journey. You are Machiavelli. and project more. as the central figure you must fill the theatre.
– Project. I had difficulty hearing some of you at times especially when you are upstage around the bar area.
– It felt that regularly you all were magentically attracted to the back of the stage and I wanted you to be nearer and more engaged with us.
– Dancers, well done for acting through the choreography. more of that please. “Bring on the Men” is a great number so enjoy and go for it even more.
– Maintain your characters throughout. It is hard when you are on all of the time but we need to see the same character everytime we look at you even if you are not the focus. The club energy must reassert itself strongly after every set piece to maintain that world.
– Enjoy being sinners and don’t hold back. I have been to my fair share of sleazy clubs and the atmosphere is dark. that is often part of the attraction. Don’t hold back on the darker moments.
– Waitresses I loved your introduction and you came across as fun, party girls which is what is expected of hostesses in that type of club. don’t let that energy fade, maintain it.
– A few of the many highlights for me were; Sian, James and Lou, Leah and the movie, the lesbian trio and dance, St Joan, Scott was believable and focused, Queen Katherine, Josh throughout was consistently committed, truthful and strong. I loved the concept. Now you love it to and sell ALL of it!!
Enjoy your second night.

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