Task 4: Audience Feedback, Justin’s Feedback

  • Was the characterisation between my three different characters sufficient enough to distinguish between the three of them?

Justin’s answer to the question above was that he felt my facial expressions for Hugo were different to the other characters. I hadn’t noticed this was something I had been doing, but I feel it might reflect in the session I spent with Lynn working on not only voice but we discussed how a boy from this type of background might present himself. I felt like when I interacted with the audience during the interval and before the show, I talked down to them as if I was better then them. So from something I didn’t originally realise I was doing I think know why I was and if it helped the audience tell my characters apart I am very happy.

  • What did I bring to the performance that made you believe my characters?

When asked the question above Justin commented on costume and again the facial expressions, the way I held myself when played Hugo, all of these made him believe I was a posh boy and no longer Josh from Suffolk. But he also commented on voice and how my accent for Hugo was so far from my normal voice which made it stand out from the other boys; I think I am a lot more Estuary then the other boys playing posh so I agree with and understand the reasoning behind Justin saying my accent was distinctive.

  • Did I interact with you before the show, were you engaged with my performance did you believe me and was my character sustained?

In response to the question above Justin said, I did interact with him and he feel I sustained my character. I wanted to question Justin further because I feel there might have been a time when I altered from my normal speaking voice and the RP I had learnt. There were points when I had suspected I might have said ‘Git’ instead of ‘Get’ as its one thing learning the lines and learning how to pronounce each word in that accent but its another thing making up your replies and sustaining the accent. He said there was never a time when I was interacting with him and improvising during the immersive part of the performance when I came out of character and he didn’t suspect a change or slip back into my normal speaking voice.

Further more, Justin commented on how I walked around the space during the immersive part of the show. He said he thinks I held myself differently while playing Hugo, in his words “Like you had a stick up your arse” as I normally walked quite casual. This meant he could tell the characters apart as I also walked extremely casual while playing Mr. Sloane.

  • Was my overall volume and clarity clear enough?

Justin was positioned at the back of the theatre for act one, he said every line from the film ‘Man of the Moment’ he received clearly. That was one of the positives to having something filmed it could never go wrong unless it didn’t play, which luckily never happened. While filming we could go back at any time and re-film or edited if we needed to. Harry did edit part where Leah’s clarity and diction wasn’t very clear, so the film was successful and all of the audience understood each line. Justin’s criticised the Sloane monologue, he felt the diction was less clear then the other the other characters I played and that my accent was too strong in certain parts, when I next do the monologue as I will be adding it to my selection of monologues I will think about what parts I put emphasis on and I will be careful when it comes to the speed I deliver it at, as I feel this might have been part of the problem.

  • Were the different accents I developed for each of the characters appropriate and consistent?

This was something we had covered over the questions above.

  • Was the pace of the show enough to keep you engaged?

I found the feedback Justin gave when asked if the pace was enough to keep him engaged, was interesting. It was similar to what Lynn had suggested after the first dress run and we all disagreed. He thought that all the monologues should be in one section and all of the big numbers in another. Because by having an up beat song and then a monologue straight after brought the mood down, I understand his reasoning for this but I still disagree because not only were they in that order for a reason, but if all of the songs and dance breaks were in one section they would also become boring. I don’t think it was the case of the monologues being boring because they weren’t, it was having such a contrast of up beat and monologues which pulled the energy down. But I don’t feel this could have been resolved and people had to understand that this wasn’t a musical.


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