22 May – Talking to Terrorists Discussion

Today we still have a scheduled technical rehearsal at 11:30, however this morning Lynn talked to us about the structure of the show. Last night, there was a terror attack in Manchester. Due to the tragic events last night we have made a decision to cut the piece; ‘Talking to Terrorists’. The decision was made not because the piece is called ‘Talking to Terrorists’ but due to the content of the piece and how the character James plays is trying to explain why he blew up a hotel full of politicians. There may be a difference between blowing up a building full of politicians and a concert full of young children but anyone trying to justify why they did something so sick is totally unacceptable and it would be too soon for people to watch a piece about terrorism.

This poses an issue for the two people performing the piece: James and Lou. However, we came up with a plan as Scott suggested a piece called ‘Welcome to Hell’, originally performed by Rowan Atkinson, which will see Lou and James as reps taking people to hell. The two wouldn’t need to learn the piece but have it on clip boards.

After watching the piece performed by Atkinson, I think it is very suitable for the piece and would really work. It can be easily split and James and Lou could write the lines on a clipboard just in case they happened to forget as they will only have a short amount of time to learn it. I think the piece is very relevant and was a very clever suggestion. The situation was easily solved under devastating circumstances. Although we all wish it didn’t have to be changed I think the replacement works perfectly. Also everyone still has an equal split, the same amount of opportunity’s in the show.



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