Task 2: Portfolio Section 2 – Self Analysis

Strengths and Weaknesses: Things that I need to improve on during Year 2.

The things I need to improve on and my overall aim for this year is to gain confidence within my acting and singing abilities. I think last year in my head I signed up to do acting and that’s all I wanted to do, but at the same time I wanted to get into musicals but just to act. I think this shows I have grown up in the last year and opened up to singing and dancing I realise its better to be a triple threat so I might as well get working on it. Even though my singing and dancing needs a lot of work I know what I need to do to improve and gain confidence in these areas of performance.

Secondly I feel as though I need to believe in myself so that I stop putting myself down with self doubt, if self doubt piles up in my mind it will begin to create a barrier which nothing will get past  – including the positives. To be a good actor I need to be able to open my mind, I am good at taking feedback and criticism but I wont always go away and work on the things I’ve been told (Lazy) which needs to stop. Then I might believe that I am doing good because I will be correcting the things that I am doing wrong.

When I am rehearsing a chosen monologue I tend to stop halfway through, then begin again as I feel as though the first attempt hasn’t gone perfectly. This even occurs when I am performing it to others, for example Erica decided to offer me some help with a monologue piece. I could have gone through more monologues that I had with her, however due to me stopping and starting again I did not get all the work done I intended to. I need to realise that it wont be perfect first time and that getting to the end and it being bad isn’t a bad thing, it just means I will get more feedback on what didn’t go well and I can go away and work on these things.

Thirdly I need to be more organised this year at college even with the simple things, such as getting to bed early, giving myself time at the weekends to get lines learnt and college work done and preparing for auditions so I don’t stress out a day before. I also need to have a balance between maths and drama lessons, last year I put all my time into the course and didn’t focus in my math lessons which meant I ended up failing. I cannot fail again this year so I will make sure I’m going home and revising as well as doing my course work.

My general knowledge also needs work when it comes to my knowledge within history, musicals, play wrights, spelling, reading, writing and more. All the things that will help me in life and especially studying drama. I think the best way to improve is taking note about words, plays, songs etc, that I have never heard of and research them to build my knowledge.

In plays and musicals I tend to get roles as the comical character. Over the summer I have worked on monologues that are not necessarily comical. I have worked at them to get a feel of what its like playing the villan or the hero not always playing the joker. This means I can show at future auditions that I am good at more then just comical roles.

These are all things that need work to prepare me for further education and make me feel confident when performing.


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