U11 – Task 1

U11 Specialist Study – Task 1: Focus of Specialist Investigation

 Focus of Specialist Investigation. Due 04/01/17

I will need to: Identify, within the context of performing and production arts, a specific area of particular personal interest to you, which you are prepared to investigate (you may find it easier to pose yourself a question to answer) in order to write an essay. Inform staff of your chosen focus of investigation by the deadline 04/01/17.

Image result for Pantomime pictures on stage
As seen in the picture above I have an idea about what I would like to investigate. Identifying my area of particular interest was easy. I have always wanted to learn more about the Pantomime, what life is like doing a Pantomime for a long duration of time. Where Pantomime originate from, are we the only country who have it? I plan to develop an understanding of where panto comes from and how its developed through history. I would like to be part of a pantomime company, I think I would be great in a panto. That is why I plan to find out more about the industry. I cant imagine its an easy job!
All my research and investigation I plan to do will give me a full understanding of pantomime. I plan to find out more because some of my past characters that I feel I have played best have come from a Pantomime style. Last year I helped out with the pantomime at the theatre royal. Before the show I went round dressed as a dame with a fellow      college student entertaing the audience before the show. They took pictures with us and we played it really well. Bouncing of each other, from fighting over who was the most beatiful to embarrassing the people around fighting over the men. It was an experience which made me more interested in Pantomime.
Thinking back to this is what really gave me the idea of finding out more about the pantomime and because last year in just under a week year one had to put on a small pantomime where everything goes wrong ‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’. This also gave me inspiration and is why I think I would be good in a pantomime.


Christmas Pantomime, 2008, Image by Hiss and Boo, (viewed 8/12/16)