U9 – Task 10

Character Research

Todays focus was The Dumb Sidekick, we focused on Daytona and developing her character. Daytona’s character is really developing and we are starting to find Daytona’s outrageous and silly side. She is putting in a lot of effort in rehearsals. I have noticed I was being bossy and maybe a bit of a bully, picking up on every choice Daytona made with her character. If someone did this to me I would be furious; I have started to lay off and let her do her own thing. Some things today we picked up on as a group would be the laugh, when the SK copies the ESC. It just needed to be bigger and last longer we worked on this and the result was great as you can see in the video below. I hope she doesn’t kill me for cropping this bit and putting it into a separate video!  I find it very funny!

Apart from focusing on the character of the Dumb Sidekick, I took time out to work independently on my character doing some character research. Two characters I looked at to get some influence are Robbie Rotten played by Stefán Karl Stefánsson, a villain from kids CBeebies programme, Lazy Town. The other is the Grinch who stole Christmas, played by Jim Carrey! Over Christmas I watched the Grinch around three times, its my all time favourite Christmas movie and I noticed he has certain villain-like characteristics I like. Both of these characters have characteristics I enjoy watching and find hilarious. They both have distinctive walks, the Grinch takes long strides where as Robbie Rotten uses a typical cartoon villain walk a bit like Dick Dastardly from the Wacky Races.

Instead of trying to think of a way to describe the way the two walk, I have copied videos off YouTube of the two characters in action.

If you aren’t familiar with LazyTown watch the guy in the red dungaress and the funny eyebrows that’s Robbie Rotten. In the annoying music video he has a very distinctive way of moving. Small steps with his legs at a wide stance. I think from watching videos like this it will help me get influence for the ESC, I have used Robbie Rotten to get influence on my characters posture and facial expressions.

Alright the Grinch is very funny, Jim Carrey has very enhanced facial expressions. The Grinch may not be the typical cartoon villain like Robbie Rotten, but the way he moves is brilliant. Costume is a big part of why he moves the way he does and it is probably why the clip below is so funny! Especially when he flicks through the book with them long green fingers. I find the funniest thing about this clip is the way he walks and moves especially when he turns. Maybe I could create a villain a little like the Grinch.

Progression and Set