U9 – Task 2

Task 2: Skills and Techniques: Technique exercise.

Using your chosen technique, you will choose one exercise to undertake with your classmates.

What is it:

Jerzy Grotowski “running”




To make the actor remove any tension from his or her performance, it is meant to make the actor forgot about any correct styles of breathing and the “proper” way to hold carry yourself when performing a piece of drama. Grotowski would make his actors run for hours to make them completely exhausted and then get them to perform a piece of drama. He believed his theory would help the actor to eliminate any ‘proper’ styles of breathing or anything taught at drama schools and make the piece of drama more believable.



I gave each Tom, Harry and Jack the same monologue and explained what I wanted them to do in my introduction I asked them if they already had any knoledge of Grotowski. I explained a little about him and what his theory was. I asked them to do the piece how they normally would and not to think to much about what I had just told them.




After this I explained that they would be doing a bleep test. 



Bleep Test

At this point Grotowski would get his actors to run for hours of course I only had 30 minuets so I put the bleep test to a much harder level to completely exhaust them.



Before performing the monologue again I explained what Grotowski expected from his actors and why it was important to start before they got to relaxed.


Harry – After the exercise

Tom – After the exercise

Jack – After the exercise

Feedback from the group.

I asked each of them to give me indervidual feedback to help me with my evauation.

Jacks Feedback.

I found it really helpful and surprising as I couldn’t believe how much more of a connection I had with the character after doing the bleep test. I’ll definitely use it again when playing an emotionally exhausting character

Harrys Feedback.

As he was my second practitioner I researched for Task 1, I was very enticed to join in a Grotowski workshop, especially the exhaustion technique. Using a bleep test proved to be a positive way of organising the session and giving it form and doing our monologues twice in order to show each other the contrast showed us the relevance of his technique. I think the monologue provided was a high standard choice as it could be sight-read as pulsing and angry or sad and guilty. The bleep test allowed us to pull an angry performance down into a slow, steady and naturalistic performance. Your workshop really brought the technique to life and I would love to use it for a real performance.



When I approched this excersize I was not sure weather I was going to pull it or or it would be a disaster because i was not sure how they would reake once I told them they would be doing a bleep test

Firstly i think i explained the technique well

I would have changed


One thought on “U9 – Task 2”

  1. Task 2 – Exercise
    Looking at the videos of your exercise, I thought you did very well. It was really well thought-out and very well undertaken. I thought your decision to this with the three boys who are of a similar ability was a good one as well. It was like you wanted just the technique to affect them and no other external factors. Your evaluation, I thought was brilliant. And so engaging to listen to. You had clearly planned what you were going to say rather than rambling and I think putting that together with the photos was brilliant. In fact, I’d like to use it when I train some other tutors in how to use Digital platforms! (If you don’t mind). I think you took on this task amazingly well. Harvard referencing, though…


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