U9 – Task 3

Task 3: Theatre in Education Research

Over the duration of the next five months my drama class and I will be researching

Theatre in Education and writing a script for our own educational performance for young children. Once we have researched and devised our pieces we will take it on tour to local primary schools.

What is Theatre in Education and what Purpose does it Serve

Theatre in Education is a style of performance that aims to education through story telling and performance.

On the website ‘Dramatic English’ it says “Theatre In Education, TIE, is a form of theatre that began in Britain in the mid-1960s in response to the needs of both theatre and schools. In 1965 at the Belgrade Theatre, conventry, a number of pilot projects in schools were carried out and they demonstrated that theatre was a very effective educational medium and it could actively engage the audience in the learning process.”(1)

This tells us that T.I.E is an educational performance. The paragraph gives us information about the time that theatre in education first started. It also tells us the purpose of theatre in education, T.I.E is an effective way to teach. This is because a lot of children find it hard to learn things in a classroom. For example some T.I.E companies have songs included in the story, there will be a message in the song which is an effective way to get children to remember something because it will be repetitive. Sometimes coming out of the classroom and watching something that is different will stay in the mind for a longer time.


Takeaway Theatre Company                                                                                                                                     On the Takeaway Theatre Company website it says this “We are a Theatre in Education ( TIE ) company delivering high impact, entertaining drama projects in schools throughout the UK. We are also one of the UK’s leading providers of School Pantomimes.”

The Takeaway Theatre Company have a small cast of four and they formed in 2007, new actors have joined and left over the years. They wright T.I.E drama for Key Stage Two children aged three to six. When looking on there website I found they are currently touring a T.I.E piece on bullying. This is interesting because the first idea I had when hearing about T.I.E was to do something about bullying. The company also let you book them.

The show on bullying is aimed at children in Key Stage Two. After the show they will run a workshop on, WW2 (During the War) this will cover history. The company also tour themed season shows they are currently taking bookings for there (Spooky Halloween Pantomime). The Company put on a range on different workshops and interesting topics.

Freshwater Theatre Company                                                                                                               Freshwater Theatre Company formed in 1996, they are one of the most well known T.I.E companies in the UK. The company visit many different schools and educate lots of young children through drama. This it what it says on the Freshwater website, “Freshwater has become one of the most respected and established drama-in-education companies in the UK. Working with over 120,000 children each year, we enjoy long and ongoing relationships with hundreds of the schools we visit.” The company work with 120,000 children each year which is impressive, it also means they are constantly having to think of new ways to teach through performance and keep their ideas fresh.

The company offer a range of subjects that are part of the curriculum for Key Stage one the offer mainly, Geography, Science / Maths, History and for Key Stage two mostly the same but they also teach Storytelling/Shakespeare and Modern Foreign Languages.

The company also work with libraries and museums, after the show they do workshops with the children that relate to the performance. Each month they will put a new drama game up on their website for teachers to play within the class. Some of the games might be really good to use if we do workshops after our T.I.E performance. We could also make up our own and give them to the teachers at the end to play with the children.
Quatum Theatre 

Quantum Theatre was formed in 1988 they started doing T.I.E performances because of the lack of educational drama available to schools. They educate on numeracy and science. On their website it says this ” Over twenty-five years on, over a thousand schools each year see Quantum performances, using them to introduce or re-enforce these topics, making Quantum Britain’s foremost science and numeracy-based theatre-in-education company.”  From this we get the understanding the Quantum Theater are science and numeracy s based. But they also have a performance on (WW1/Battle of Somme) educating on history and GCSE English, literacy. On the website they have all the information if you want to book them, for example the space they will need for the show, the purpose of the show, the running time of the show.

Loudmouth Theatre Company                                                                                                         Loudmouth theatre company were formed in 1997 “Loudmouth is a theatre in education company that uses drama and discussion to help children and young people address issues affecting them in a safe and interactive environment. Our programmes come in different formats to suit your needs from focused delivery to a class at a time.”

They are my favorite T.I.E theatre company because a little like the ‘Takeaway’ company they focus mainly on PHSE topics like everyday issues, ‘Takeaway’ company also educate on History and not just PHSE. So this is why I like the Loudmouth Company, they do not just focus on the typical subjects like maths and science. The Company educate children of all ages and different Key Stages, (primary, secondary school, college and special needs) they will cover topics such as (bullying, alcohol and domestic abuse).

It seems it would be difficult to teach children Key Stage 1 and 2 on these topics but I think its important that the topic of (bullying) is covered at a young age so that children have more understanding when they are being a bully or being bullied and what to do in these situations.

The Loudmouth website is set out real well showing what they offer to the public and the subjects that they focus on teaching. The website has this really good trailer, I get the understanding from the trailer that the company teach mainly older children so I decided to send them a message over Facebook asking for general advise when it comes to writing scripts for children of a young age on these challenging subjects.

Comparing Two of Theatre in Education Companies.

Loudmouth T.I.E company uses drama and discussion to help children open up about the issues affecting them,  or the issues that my affect them in the future. They focus mainly on teaching the issues surrounding the subject of PHSE. The audience will take part in workshops after the performance to talk about the performance so the the learning gets carried forward. They can carry out engaging lessons on really challenging subjects some teachers would struggle with. The company uses materials such as learning booklets filled with the information taught so that the children/young people can refresh the things the were taught about, they provide different booklets for different age groups. They also play games with the young Key Stage 2 children after the show so that the children have an enjoyable experience and can get involved. Loudmouth have programs for different organisations including

  • Primary schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Colleges
  • PRUS
  • Special Schools

In comparison, Takeaway Theatre in Education Company offer similar subjects but on there website I cant find anything about them doing workshops with the children so the message may not be reinforced. I think it is important when teaching young children who may have short attention spans to reinforce the message, especially when teaching about challenging subjects. Maybe if the company offered some type of learning booklet like Loudmouth does. Although they don’t enforce the message they do offer more subjects such as History and season themed shows, were as Loudmouth only offer the subject PHSE.

Takeaways subjects are available for Key Stage 1 and 2 and adapt to other years that book them, but Loudmouth only offer a small range for young child. Lots of their shows are aimed at older children. Even though I really like this theatre company they may not be the best to research when it come to my T.I.E presentation to the class.









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